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[Resolved] Circles on subpages hardly visible in Firefox

  • Hello All,

    After weeks of hesitation (because my child theme is quite elaborate and the Spun theme page said v2.0 is a major update), I finally decided to upgrade the Spun theme from 1.07 to the latest version.

    So far everything still seems to be working fine (pffeeewww), except for one thing. I have two pages on my website that have circles that are generated from the child pages that are connected to this page:

    Unfortunately, on those pages the circles are hardly visible in Firefox. Chrome and Safari seem to behave just fine. It might have to do something with my child theme’s css, but I cannot seem to figure out what causes this.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • they are visible. the color is just a super light gray. it goes from light gray to dark gray when you hover your mouse.

    Thanks for your response. I’m pretty sure though it has to do with the opacity, because the text is also greyed out and the whole thing is not as clear as the circles on my homepage. And I didn’t change anything color wise.

    Sorry I can’t see the difference between Firefox and Chrome, can you link to a screenshot of the issue?

    Yeah, sorry, that was my mistake. I thought it looked fine in Safari and Chrome…but it doesn’t. Basically, in terms of opacity/visibility I’d like the circles on the Research and Alumni pages to look just like the circles on the Homepage. I hope that makes more sense?

    The difference in opacity is only .1, which means circles in the Research and Alumni pages are one tenth lighter in opacity than your Home page. The issue isn’t to do with the opacity settings, but that your circles that have no thumbnails start off with a light grey colour. Maybe you need to increase that light grey to dark grey?

    .hentry.no-thumbnail {
     /* Used to be #eee */
     background: #333;

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your response., I just tried it out and it does seem to help a bitt. However, it might be me, but when I look at the text in the circles on the homepage and research page, it looks to me like the text on the Research page is “greyed out/more opaque” than the text on the homepage. And I don’t get why that is.

    Haven’t you styled the text on the homepage circles so it looks that way? By the way the Spun theme has different styling for circles with and without thumbnails.

    I’ve coded everything back when the Spun theme was still at v1.07. So back then I used the coding that was posted here (maybe by you) to print the text over the circles. When I was still running the website using v1.07, the circles + text on the Research and Alumni page didn’t look hazy at all. But when I changed it to v2.0 they suddenly became hard to read. Maybe I should just remove some of the code in my child theme and see if that helps.

    Are you looking to have the same text style in both the circles with and without thumbnails?

    I guess. I’d like to have the same opacity/clarity for both text and circles for circles with and without thumbnails if that makes any sense. What is bothering me is that the circles + text on the Research/Alumni pages are hard to read since upgrading to v2.0, whereas under v0.7 they were just as clear as the ones on the homepage.

    Hi Andrew,

    Your remark about different styling for circles with and without thumbnails led me to the solution. I’ve added:

    .hentry.no-thumbnail {
    	opacity: .8;

    to my child theme’s css and now everything is looking the way it was supposed to. Thanks again for your help!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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