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  • Lee_Cincopa


    Hi Websiteguy,

    The Cincopa logo is on free accounts galleries, premium users can easily remove it.

    Lee- Cincopa team



    How can you get rid of it without downloading the pro version?

    What they don’t make very clear is that after so many visits on your eBay listings, they will simply shut down your slideshows without warning, leaving a Cincopa advertisement in the middle of your eBay listing with a message that if you are the owner, you used up your free quota. I imagine most will pay up immediately because it is simply too much work not to. Me, I will spend all night weeding their code out of my templates before I will give them a dime.

    Hi Kpao,

    Our free account is limited with monthly bandwidth, seems that you passed these limits.
    No need to remove the galleries from your pages, we will be happy to assist you, simply send us a support ticket with all the details:

    Lee- Cincopa Support

    Right, expect you do not forewarn and there is no way to know how much bandwidth is being used and you will not find out until a cincopa advertisement has become the focal point of your eBay listing, giving no choice but to pay up immediately or end/revise your listings immediately. I certainly am not going to wait and email support when your advertisement has taken the place of my product photos on a live auction, are you freaking kidding me??? That is soooo not cool.


    We send usage emails once the account reached 60% and then every 10% until it’s almost over.
    We also give notifications in the Cincopa site about the usage, and the usage is available all the time in both My Galleries and My Account page.

    You can cancel your Cincopa account from the My Account page.

    Lee- Cincopa Support

    Cinocopa-You fail to mention the consequences of going over bandwidth and people have no way of knowing how much bandwidth is being used on an eBay listing until your advertisement is flashing all over their live auctions. But of course this is no accident.

    Keep in mind that Photobucket did not get where they are by yanking photos off live auctions and replacing them with their own advertisements. If you had simply limited the slideshows instead of bandwidth, perhaps people would come back for more for the rest of their listings. You may think you are being smart, but your practices are deceptive in a huge way and instead of building a customer base, you are just pissing people off.

    I do see you sent an email stating my free trial is almost over the other day, nothing about usage anywhere in them btw.

    Furthermore, there is nothing anywhere on your website about this being a “trial”. This is what you have on your website:

    “The Cincopa photo gallery application is free and couldn’t be simpler to use and install. Sign up for your free account and use our online web application to create your rich and dynamic photo galleries within minutes with three simple steps”

    No, you are not being deceptive at all, lol. My bad for not researching your reputation.

    Your welcome email, am I missing the trial aspect here????

    My name is Oren Shmulevich and I’m the founder of Cincopa. Cincopa is a professional yet simple multi-media platform for web developers, bloggers, and simple folk. With over 1.5 million Cincopa WordPress plugin downloads alone, Cincopa is the most loved way to manage media for web sites.

    Thank you for your registration and Welcome!
    Your User name :

    Check out our video tutorials to help you get started.

    Here’s a taste of what your new Cincopa Multimedia Platform is all about:

    Multi-media: the best way to add video streams, image gallery, audio, video playlists and slideshows to your site.
    Easy to embed & customize: automatic uploading and hosting, images resizing, videos trans-coding and many customizable Flash and Java-script players (skins).
    Remote access from every device (!): publish media to your site or blog from wherever you are using your laptop, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android or any other smartphone.

    You can use Cincopa for free, if you are looking for more, find out about Cincopa Premium Upgrade.

    We are constantly aiming at optimizing our products and service, so I would appreciate your input and questions.

    Looking forward,
    Oren Shmulevich,
    Founder and Developer

    You can use Cincopa for free, if you are looking for more, find out about Cincopa Premium Upgrade….. Nope, nothing on your website about a free trial, only a free account, I just scoured the entire website and if it is there, you have it buried in some remote location that no one will ever find.

    No one in their right mind would embed temporary slide shows into multiple eBay listings, as if you weren’t aware of this fact.

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