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  1. blueyez
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Plugin Name: Cimy Navigator
    Plugin URI: http://www.cimatti.it/blog/cimy-wordpress-plugins/cimy-navigator/
    Description: Display header and/or sidebar menu with pages or categories list.
    Author: Marco Cimmino
    Version: 0.4.1

    my "code" (settings)

    $params = array(
    		'type' => "categories",
    		'list_tag' => 1,
    		'depth' => -1,
    		'show_root' => 0,
    		'show_path_to_root' => 0,
    		'show_previous_levels' => "all",
    		'show_same_level' => 1,
    		'show_next_levels' => "all",
    		'nested' => 1,
    		'nested_li_ul_li' => 0,
    		'a_class_current' => "",
    		'a_id_current' => "",
    		'a_class_nocurrent' => "",
    		'a_id_nocurrent' => "",
    		'li_class_current' => "",
    		'li_class_nocurrent'  => "",
    		'li_id_current' => "",
    		'li_id_nocurrent' => "",
    		'ul_class_same_level' => "sideList",
    		'ul_id_same_level' => "sitecategories",
    		'ul_class_previous_level' => "sideList",
    		'ul_id_previous_level' => "sitecategories",
    		'ul_class_next_level' => "children",
    	if (!is_category())
    		$params['current'] = 1;
    $result = init_args($params);
    $root = $result['root'];
    $links = cimy_navigator($result);

    ok my website is http://web.imobtour.ro
    i put the script only in archives.php

    http://web.imobtour.ro/category/asigurari/ < works
    http://web.imobtour.ro/category/balneo/ < works
    http://web.imobtour.ro/category/balneo/sovata/ < doesn't work

    insteat of using <ul class="children">
    he comes with <ul id="sitecategories" class="sideList">
    what should i do ?

  2. Marco Cimmino
    Posted 8 years ago #

    of course this is the right behavior:
    when you click on a category child then the current IS that child, so you print all previous levels and same levels that both have ul_class_same_level' => "sideList"
    as you specified in the code, there are NO children of "sovata", because when selected it became at the current level, understood?

    solutions are multiple:
    the best one that I have in mind is to check if the selected category has a parent or not, if yes initialize $params array in a different way.

  3. blueyez
    Posted 8 years ago #

    i understand... but as a matter of fact i don't, i don't know what to do :)
    i`m so tard :(

    and btw ho do i get rid of the ID from all the lines. i don't need that ID there.

  4. Marco Cimmino
    Posted 8 years ago #

    or use the silent mode, I have implemented it in 0.4.x just for these cases!

    Anyway this is not a plug-in for everyone, it's just a plug-in very complicated to do very complicated things, it's all documented, other things are php code and nothing else.

    If you need assistance we do but not for free as mentioned in our website.


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