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  • Hi. I work at an arts centre in Manchester in the UK. We’ve just moved (finally) from IE over to Chrome. Since the changeover we seem to have a problem editing out wordpress based website in Chrome.

    Basicly, whats happening is that there is a button (which i’ve pointed out in this picture) which we use to open up a dropdown menu. It works in IE and Firefox, but for some reason when you try it in Chrome it doesn’t respond at all.

    I’ve tried it on the current stable release and on the current Beta version. We’re running WordPress 2.3.3.

    Anyone got any ideas what could be going on and possible fixes?

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  • Are you behind a corporate firewall? Have you tried using the Edit Post page in Chrome at home?

    Thanks for responding so quickly, We aren’t behind a hardware firewall, only windows built in one. I tried from my computer at home and got exactly the same problem.

    I’m facing the same problem.

    • I’m running WordPress 2.9.2
    • I’m running Chrome 5.0.307.7 Beta (MAC)

    It crashes the Chrome tab when I’m editing a post – I believe more so when I’m on the “rich” view.

    I’ve gone Chrome and I’m not moving back. 🙂 So I hope this issue gets resolved soon.

    When I use WordPress on Chrome, either at home or work, it doesn’t put my line breaks in. They are just gone when they go up. You can see them on the edit page but when you look at the actual blog, no line breaks. They are just gone. This holds true no matter what browser I look at the blog in. No line breaks if I write my post in Chrome. I don’t get it.

    People: Try posting your own topics in the How-To & Troubleshooting forum.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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