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    Hey, first of all, Thank you so much sharing your work, great plugin.

    I just noticed an issue when displaying this widget on Chrome v106.0.5249 (MAC)

    I’m using these coordinates, which is for Havana, Cuba: https://prnt.sc/6vwkX3xj4FTU

    On Safari browser v16.0 (MAC), it displays the coordinates perfectly showing Havana, Cuba: https://prnt.sc/2iz8uCg1_LWw

    But when viewed on Chrome, it’s showing more of the State of Florida: https://prnt.sc/V3s4VqampmLA

    I am using the latest Ventus Weather Map plugin v1.3.0

    Is this a bug? Let me know if you can fix this,. Thanks.


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  • Plugin Author David Matthew


    Hi khoavo,

    Thank you for the helpful screenshots.

    Can you confirm if this still happens in Chrome when the spot forecast isn’t active?

    You might have a quick read too of this support thread, which may be related: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/map-centers-properly-only-after-refresh/


    Thread Starter khoavo


    Hey, Thanks for the quick response! When I hid the Spot Forecast, the display area becomes longer and it shows the correct Long/Lat fine: https://prnt.sc/7iO5PY80pySl

    I liked it when the Spot Forecast is active since the preview time range area below gives a nice quick outlook: https://prnt.sc/vyOgVubHjOKl

    But that’s okay, hiding Spot Forecast is fine, they can just click the play button to see the time range forecast.

    Remember, this issue only occurs when viewing on Chrome. Like your other support thread indicated, I would need to Refresh the browser in order for the map to center properly to show my Long/Lat when Spot Forecast is active.

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