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  • First, thank you for a great, simple and very attractive template. Everything is working fine and I am about to start personalizing it, the thing is, I’ve noticed that the template doesn’t display quite good in Safari and Chrome.

    In Safari the oppacity doesn’t work, that is, the images look already with color, exactly the same happens when you see the template in a mobile or similar. In Chrome the problem is that somehow when you scroll over an image the browser gets stucked for barely a microsecond and shows whatever is open under the browser…

    Does this happen also to you? It seems is a compatibility issue that would be definitely useful to solve. Thank you for your comments and help!!!

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  • Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Glad you like the theme!

    Neither of those things are happening for me in the latest versions of Safari or Chrome on the demo site:

    The mobile change is on purpose, since there’s no :hover state on mobile devices. You’d never see the colored pictures otherwise.

    I’d make sure you’ve updated your browser(s), disable any addons/extensions, and disable any WP plugins to check for conflicts.

    I have the same problem…also with another pc..i’m sorry for my english…but there’s something i can do?

    thank’s so much

    i’m sorry you template it’s simply amazing…

    Hi Caroline,

    Many thanks for the quick reply, I checked and I have the latest versions and no extensions or similar. I thought it might have been because I am using a mac?, but now that linabash also mentioned it… what could it be? It also happens with your demo template you sent. Any ideas?

    I don’t want to mix so much but I am having also a small issue with the template using the plugin WP UI to create tabs. Somehow the template gives the titles of each tab a dot, as if they were bullets in a list. Here you can see what’s happening. Where does these dots come from and how can I take them off?

    Thank you!

    Antonella Hello, I would like to write in Italian because I had a look at the site and I think you understand 🙂
    I have the same problem and I can not solve it. I tried to change some things with the editor of wordpress but for now I could not. I hope that is not a problem with the Mac because windows does not do it even if you do not read well written.
    however, if I can fix it I’ll tell you promptly.


    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer

    @linabash, Remember that these are English forums so you’ll need to continue conversing in English.

    Ok, i’m so sorry.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer

    And @linabash, if you are contributing towards the solution that is fine. Try not to post just to state that you are experiencing the same problem.

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Not sure what the problem is; I’m on a Mac as well — Safari 6 and Chrome 30. Sorry!

    I understand, I will try to check this on other computers to see if the problem persists.

    Re the other issue (titles in WP UI tabs), I am not completely familiar with the css of the spun template yet and I don’t seem to find what can be changing/modifying the properties of the plugin’s css. I’ve already activated temporarily another template and the dots don’t appear. Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot!!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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