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    Hi, I was a post expirator user for a long time till it stopped working after the update from from php5 to php7.

    Your plugin looks amazing, especially since there’s no need for it to use wp-cron.

    The only thing missing for me is the ability to choose what happens to the post after the expiration date other then simply making it a draft. I would love to chose an expiration category.

    Thanks for this amazing plugin. 🙂

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    Yes, thanks for the feedback! This is on the roadmap, but I wasn’t sure on how useful it would be.

    Can you explain your desired behavior? That upon expiration, rather than the status changing to “draft” the category would change to another category you’ve created. The post would remain live?

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    Hi, thanks for the speedy reply.

    Yes I would like to choose what happens to the post after it’s expired. In my specific case I use it to archuve my post in my custom archive that has categories and subcategories, and isn’t just sorted by date like WP’s default archiving behavior.

    The post is still accessible after, with the same slug, it just isn’t on the category that’s displayed on the homepage.

    Hope this makes it more clear. 🙂

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    Count me in as somebody who would love to be able to set a specific category!

    When my posts expire, I often leave them published for various reasons, but I always move them to my “expired” category, which has special styling to let me readers know that it’s old info.

    If I could set a post to move into Expired on X date and time, that would be incredible.

    I would like to be able to trash the posts. I use posts for a lunch menu at school, and at the end of each lunch shift, I would like the post to auto expire to the trash.

    Bump. 🙂

    Hi V3d2

    I’ve been searching for a plugin like this, but crucially, I need to have the option to automatically modify the post category on the expiration date, or at a predifined date/time relative to the post expiration date.

    I notice that you’re working on such a feature, but that this topic has been marked as resolved. Is this still in the pipeline?

    Thanks and regards


    Category add or remove would be useful to me too.

    I have my site showing only specific category (news) on home page. I need posts to expire by getting removed from that category so they don’t show on home page anymore, but are still visible in other categories on the site. It would be great if you can add a feature “remove category” (example: news) and “add category” (example: archive).

    I need the ability to have a category removed at the expiration date but all else stay the same.

    We use a “Front Page” category to show messages for a period of time. The post can be in other categories as well.

    At the expiration date, the “Front Page” category needs to be de-selected so it no longer shows on the homepage, but all else stays the same.


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