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  • Hello,
    I hope this is not to nooby… I am using product variations and I don’t want to see the disabled options in my drop down list.
    I tried ` select option[disabled] {
    display: none;
    }` in my css but unfortunately it doesn’t work on all platforms. After googling a while i found out that Chosen Jquery does this itself. I installed the chosen jquery plugin and it changed nothing, I then found out that Woocommerce actually comes with the plugin anyway… but still the variation boxes aren’t displayed the way I expect (want) them to. The strange thing is that if I copy the select html i.e

    <select name="attribute_c">
    	<option value="">Choose an option…</option>
    	<option value="RA" disabled="disabled">RA</option>
            <option value="RH">RH</option>

    into the product description then update the box shows properly in the description and also in the variation section… but the hiding of disabled options only works in the description box, all options are still shown in variations. Is there some sort of overriding script in woocommerce? Is there a way to force the Chosen jquery? Or indeed any other way to hide the ‘disabled’ options?

    I hope this makes sense to someone… :-\

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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