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  • Hello,

    I am currently in the process of setting up an information based website. I have signed up with Bluhost and am trying to decide on a theme. I would prefer to use a free theme but if a paid one gives me many more options for developing the site later ( adding video / galleries etc.) I’d probably go with that if it’s not too expensive.

    • How do the various free themes on compare in terms of functionality ?

    • If I develop a site using one theme and change to another at a later date is transferring the content a major hassle or a smooth and easy process?

    • What are the limitations of free themes as compared with those you pay for and how much are these themes to buy?

    • I’m currently using the theme GamePress to try and get to grips with developing the site – how functional is this theme – can I change the colours /font / add video photos. Is it a theme which can be easily manipulated / changed?

    Any information / advice really appreciated.


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  • I’d stay away from themes that pack all the extraneous features into it.

    Use themes from developers that adhere to good coding standard and understand the concept of theme and extra functionalities.

    Basic theme like Twentyten ( for example ) can already do what you ask for, text content, audio, video, image, gallery, because those are WP standard features.

    With this, you will never have trouble changing from theme to theme.

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