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  • I’m in search of a plugin (or function), that lets a new user choose a role when creating the user.

    The reason is that I want to have 3 types of users on the site, with the same permissions, but I want to use the 3 roles to target content, that is relevant for the user.

    Therefore, it’s not enough for me to change the standard role in the backend, because I need 3 standard roles, that users can choose from.

    Thanks a bunch in advance for feedback.

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  • I’m discussing this with Justin Tadlock in his forum.

    There’s a plugin called Role Scoper. I never used it, but you might want to have a look at it.



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    Role Manager Plugin is where you can make one an author, another an editor and others as contributors and still give them same permissions – roles – capabilities.

    We’re already using the fantastic Role Manager Plugin.

    The challenge here was to let the user choose a role when creating a user. We eventually figured out that we needed to let the users select a capability instead of a role (from a list of new ones, that we created with the Role Manager Plugin).

    Role scoper is also interessting, but it lets us segement on post/category/page level, what I needed was to let users choose from a list of capabilities when creating the user.

    But thanks for the feedback guys.

    We’re still testing, and Justin is doing fantastic stuff. I’ll of course keep this thread updated, when we get further.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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