• Hello,

    First I want to let you know that I really like your product.

    I was wondering if you have any plans of incorporating the ability to choose an image ‘size’ when adding a new image slide into the slider.

    For example, I added code to create a custom ‘banner-size’ image that fits my container exactly. This way, it is not stretched when it displays in the slider. Unfortunately, when setting these options when I add the image slide in, the plugin just ignores it.

    I looked at the code and how the images are pulled for the end user and I was able to the system find the image ID by the URL, then see if it has a ‘banner-size’ image associated and, if it does, then display the ‘banner-size’ image. So, it’s not really important, I was just wondering if it would be available in a future version, as my code isn’t exactly streamlined and has the potential to be buggy.

    Again, I really like your plugin.



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  • Dear for now we have two ways to display images. It is “resized” mode, when you give slider aspect ratios and you images brings up to that aspects and “natural” mode, when slider brings images with their natural size without stretching.
    So you can give slider size to fit the banner and upload images with one of these two modes

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