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  • linux is a heck of a lot more reliable than windows hosting. Check out this website for more information/comparaison etc…

    thanks badr

    It shouldn’t matter too much. Most affordable web hosting is on linux servers. Also, depending on what you plan to do with your hosting, that plan might be overshooting what you need. I’m with Surpasshosting, and if you’re just going to be hosting a blog on a single domain name you could easily get hosting for $48/year. They’re inexpensive, reliable, and they have great support. And that’s about what you’d pay for two months with the other host.

    I want to host at least 5 domains on this server all running php and mysql databases thats why im considering this large package 🙂 . The package listed seems value for money as i pay in sterling i get more for my pound when converted to dollars 🙂 .

    That may be a good way to go then. One of the most important things to check is that customers are satisfied with the host’s reliability and support. I’ve been through a few hosts myself and I can tell you, if it seems too good to be true, it is. That price seems about right for that offer, but you should also make sure to check with people who are hosted there (and keep an eye on some sites hosted there too for speed, uptime, etc.). You might also want to look at “reseller” packages from other companies…they basically let you host unlimited domains with unlimited databases. The static IPs and free domains in that package are nice features, though, so it might be a good way to go, especially if you ever plan on using SSL.

    remeber most webhosts in the US tend to work through overselling. Cheap and big is not always the best to be honest. You may find man that offer 250mb of space and charge your $15 a month for it, doesn’t mean they’re not competitive, but they offer a different level of service. So you have a host that offers 5gb sapce,80gb bw at $4 a piece (for example) 90% Of the users will never reach the 5gb max, or hit the bandwidth total so it’s very attractive to think you have all that extra space to play with. The majority won’t bother if you do reach the max, as long as you’re jsut below it – however as LunarPages have shown, there are a bunch of bastards out there offering nice packages then kicking you between the legs.

    OVerselling hosts are not a bad thing, it’s just many perhaps oversell too much. Currently with – there support so far has been brilliant, having only contacted them twice (both times to set up the account after my previous host did something that delayed things).

    But there are many hosts to check out. You can try for a more informal view from actual customers.

    I agree about overselling – it is not necessarily bad but has the potential to be very bad. The problem comes in when too many people on the same server are fighting for the CPU time – I had an account at one host whose CPU usage typically went up to 12 (it should be no more than around 1 for each processor the server has, so two or four max). It often got the point where it took forever to send any page, and if you were to trying to make a database call, you could forget about it.

    I’ve used and for a number of years now and would recommend them to anyone. Actually, if you’re a newbie and need a lot of handholding, stay away from dathorn because they’re strict with their servers.

    As for the U.S hosting companies they give better service and value for money compared to Euro companies because they i personally think value the customers more from my experiences.

    I found two hosts that offer good packages they are listed below gold package and HQ Professional package both good value and great features with CpanelX control panel even noobs like me can use 🙂

    im going to go with amx for £77 annual fee plus 1 month fee seems reasonable for what you get, i beats my current host UK2 by lightyears in value, features and support. Hooray for the British Sterling Pound hip hip hooray and the Yankee hosts 😛 !

    I am considering using’s $3.95/mo. hosting package. They give enough room, are on Linux, have PHP but only 1 MySQL database.

    I know WP only needs one, however, I might need to use something else in addition to be able to manage a lot of photographs.

    So I have a few questions…

    Does anyone here use Go Daddy hosting and are they ok? They don’t seem to have a money back guarantee for hosting, just domain registration.
    If I use some other software to handle photos, does that count as another MySQL database or does that depend on the software? Or does WP 1.5 handle that? I’m a noob and still using 1.2…trying to get up the guts to do my back up and upgrade. TIA.

    I forgot to add that I will probably want to have a bulletin board as well.

    Moderator James Huff


    I know it’s against my policy to speak-out negatively against hosts, but GoDaddy does not have a very good reputation amongst the WordPress community.

    I use . DreamHost, via their latest newsletters and such, appears to be very supportive of WordPress. Now, whether they’re for you or not, is up to you. You sound like you know what you’re after. Happy hunting! ^_^

    Thanks! That’s pretty much what I wanted to know. With no MBG, then I had to ask.

    Gotta love the support forums 🙂

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