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  • Hello there.
    I need some advice and opinion from you guys.
    There is 15 sites to run on a server. All this sites are planned to use WP + some plugins.
    So I tried to understand it but…it got over me now:(

    There are some reseller programs (have a better price imo). They seem to be fine. But even they are shared servers:( Which means, as they said:), their CPU “is” shared.

    So here comes the question. How much a CPU does a WP site consumes, let say you have 4-5 plugins running.How much RAM does a site needs?

    And what happens when all 15 sites are tried to be viewed at the same second, which I believe might give some troubles to the CPU.

    You opinion and advices are more than welcomed.
    Thanx in advance

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  • It depends on the host and what kind of share load they distribute and the hardware, and higher traffic times, etc. All 15 of your sites could run as fast as possible without any lag time, but someone else’s site on the same server, say a streaming media or game site or tons of scripts and a gazillion visitors a day will slow yours down considerably. It’s a question more suited to a host provider than wordpress people.

    Hostgator is very reliable and popular. Give their support chat a try and ask there. If you’re really concerned, spend the extra money for a dedicated server.



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    Although we cannot endorse them, there are some hosts listed here. Also searching the forums using the keywords “host” or “hosting” may provide you with some suggestions. However, due to the amount of spam that these topics attract, I’m afraid I will have to close this one.

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