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  • Hi all,

    Does anyone know how to maybe configure a WordPress site to ask the user to “Choose your language” similarly to how the United Nation’s website does on its front page:

    I am already using a static “Page” on my website that I’m trying to do this “Choose Your Language” thing on:

    I’ve got one way I think it could be done, but let me know if there may be a better way:

    – make the homepage say “choose your language”, and do NOT have that top menu bar there yet with the choices “Members”, “V-Logs and blog”, etc.

    – after user clicks a language, depending on what language they chose, they are taken to another “homepage” (which would really just be another “Page” of the website) that is in the language they chose, and then from there, have its menu at the top be in that language and everything, and links to those pages of the website that are literally created in each new language.

    We want to have six different languages. So if I do it this way, I’d literally have six different “Menus” in my WordPress site, and then 24 different pages (those four pages that are represented at the top on that menu bar, times six languages).

    The only only only drawbacks I see are two things, and they are related to the “Menu” at the top of the page.

    First, I’d want to remove the top navigation menu that is on the front page:

    from being there, because I want the users to be able to choose a language beFORE seeing a menu in a given language at the top of the screen yet. Is it possible to stop the menu from showing up on just a page like that?

    And then secondly, if I build this site of 24 pages, some of the pages will have a menu in one certain language, and the other will have the menu in another language. Is THAT possible..? To dictate which menu shows up on which “Pages”..?

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