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  • Resolved dadra


    Hi there,

    Thanks for the great plugin. Really appreciate the work.

    I’d like to change the email address to which notifications are sent. I’ve got two admin accounts…mine and my clients…and would like the notifications to go to my client instead of me.

    When initially configuring Form Manager only my profile existed, I have since added a new profile for my client but see no option to change the address for “Send to Administrator” on the Settings page. I’ve even tried changing my own email address in my profile but the FM Settings page still shows the old one.

    Help? Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author hoffcamp


    There is an input in the form editor under ‘E-mail Notifications’ to enter a list of e-mail addresses to send notifications to. Would that work?

    Ah hah! Of course. Just enter the email address in that field and uncheck the “Send to Administrator” option. Great. Thanks a ton.

    Brilliant plugin – thank you, means I don’t have to buy Gravity!

    One thing though – when forms come in you ideally want the from address to be that of the user who has filled in the form. The natural thing you’re going to do is click “reply”.

    At the moment, the forms seem to always come from [admin email] – is there a way of changing this so they come from a field specified in the form itself (ie [user email] ) ?


    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    That makes sense, I guess it should be the default. But there is a way to do that. If you give the form item for the user’s e-mail address a nickname, say ‘user-email’, then you can put [item user-email] into the From field in the form editor. You can also use the ‘Joe Schmoe <>’ style of addresses, so you could also do something like [item user-fname] [item user-lname] <[item user-email]>.

    @hoffcamp – thanks loads, I didn’t realise you could do that. Will give it a go.



    I’m trying very hard to get a simple email change here.

    I’ve coded the from as
    [item sender-name] <[item sender-email]>

    (sender-name and -email are nicknames)

    and the subject as
    Request Form – [EventCommittee]
    (EventCommittee is a field name)

    But when I get the emails, they come through as
    “[sender-name]” <[sender-email]>

    Communications Request Form from [EventCommittee]

    any thoughts on what might be going wrong?

    BTW, I do love your plug-in. I tried out a number of different form programs before landing on yours.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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