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  • Nice job.

    Very nice, sleek design, stylish!
    And good content (ie. the reviews) too.
    Overall, a very “wholesome” (as in, complete, not lacking in any department, not as in politically correct and boring) site 🙂
    Just one little quirk: In FF 0.8, the white background to the right of the right menu only appears after you scroll away and back again, for some reason… (this image shows what I mean – the bottom part is as it should look, the top part is missing a chunk)

    Roy Tanck


    Tnx Oisin,
    Glad you like the site 🙂
    I have no idea why that happens. I use FF 0.8 as well, and I’ve expreimented endlessly with the styles, first giving everything a background color, then only the outermost container… All without really fixing this problem. The bit that does not appear is the outer container, and for some reason FF refuses to fill it. I guess there’s a problem with my markup somewhere, and this is just a symptom. Or a FF bug…
    I’ll see if I can fix it, but it doesn’t bother me enough to keep me awake at night 😉

    I haven’t looked at your CSS, so I don’t know if you’ve done this already, but if you haven’t, you can try defining the padding of the container (even if it’s zero), that sometimes kills little quirks like this…

    Roy Tanck


    Padding already is zero. padding:0; margin:0; is default for me, in every box class, and unless I need them set to something else of course… I’m hoping the new Firefox (release is imminent) will fix this. Mozilla users tend to upgrade quickly… 🙂

    Yeah, just checked it in Opera and IE, so it’s obviously a FF thing… not much to do but pretend it doesn’t exist then 😛

    In FF setting border: 1px solid white; for example, often fixes these types of bugs.

    Great site, great content. I tried to send you email through your Contact Us page, but I keep getting the item returned as undeliverable. I was trying to use the administration address.
    I’d sure be interested in the templates! Thanks for offering them, and welcome to WordPress. 🙂

    Great site. Very nice look. I am also very interested in the templates that you graciously offered. I will send an email to you shortly regarding the templates.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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