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    Choice + Ad Inserter Plugin

    Blocking ads until consent a user has given consent. See the “How to show ads based on visitorsโ€™ consent?” section in their help documentation here. Showing you how to whitelist consent cookies such as the Google Advertising Products Cookie (euconsent-v2[vendor][consents][755]=1) and you also have to Make sure you have Dynamic blocks set to client-side insert โ€“ TCF v2.0 based cookie needs to be checked client-side (in the browser).

    * If you are still seeing 1.1 errors, you may also need to whitelist euconsent-v2[purpose][consents][1]=1 to check for Purpose one consent as well.

    Note: Ad Inserter has added some specific guidance related to Quantcast Choice on their help page, but any instructions pertaining to TCF v2.0 on should also be relevant for Quantcast Choice as we are a TCF v2.0 compliant CMP.

    Please make sure you have attempted to follow the blocking instructions provided by Ad Inserter (see above) before reporting Google 2.1a and 1.1 errors here.

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  • @ibiza69 No I don’t have the pro version…will wait for a day and hopefully the error in adsense dashboard should be resolved.Fingers crossed.

    @vsharmilee, great! Then I shall wait for your confirmation, to work together then for fixing the autorefresh option at PRO version. I imagine you have all configs well at FREE version and that you only have to wait for Adsense to reset the error message 2.1a ๐Ÿ™‚

    @rbaronqc @spacetime
    I see the 2.1a errors reducing in todays error report now but 1.1 error seems to increase…Any idea where could it be wrong? Google is already a vendor in the vendor list of QC.Kindly help!
    This is todays error report: 2.1a 174827 8/23/2020
    Unknown 2.1a 80591 8/23/2020
    Unknown 1.1 2707 8/23/2020 2.1a 35 8/22/2020

    @ibiza69 : Yes sure.Did your 1.1 errors clear?

    (@vsharmilee), we didn’t had any 1.1 errors, only faced 2.1a errors, sorry can’t help with this ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And, does anyone know those: “Unknown” at the adsense list of errors, what are they or where they come from?, as isn’t any, like all others.

    Thanks in advance!

    Errors doubling each day…,2.1a,15658,8/23/2020,2.1a,8796,8/23/2020,5.1,6639,8/23/2020,5.1,4721,8/23/2020

    Plugin Author Ryan


    @cvrle77 Thank for pointing out the issue with rejecting and then accepting consent. I have raised the issue with the product team.

    @rbaronqc Is that what all these errors are?

    Plugin Author Ryan


    @cvrle77 there are 2 separate things I’m looking into here. I don’t think that either one of them would be causing google errors (but I will be investigating).

    The first one, vendors not getting turned back on after initially rejecting and then accepting consent from the main page. This would cause ads not to show (when you expect them to) as the purpose consents are getting enabled, but google vendor consent is not getting re-enabled, so plugin properly reading the consent string would read no google consent and not display ads (I have reported this to the product team).

    The second issue 403 not found I am looking into this issue, but I don’t think this would be causing any of the issues discussed above but I will investigate and work on resolving the issue. Quantcast Choice allows for you to get consent for non-IAB vendors as well as IAB vendors. That file (not found) would contain non IAB vendor data if you had added any here under the “non-IAB vendors” tab.

    @spacetime : There is auto update of adinserter plugin from 2.6.11-5 to 2.6.12.This has resulted in these javascript errors shown in below link:
    Some of the ads are not coming now because of this.Please advise at the earliest.


    It seems you browser is loading old cached files.
    Flush all the caches including the cache in the browser – delete all cached files.

    Try also to reload the settings page with Ctrl F5.

    Also make sure version info is present on Ad Inserter script and style files as something (caching plugin?) seems to strip the version info:

    @spacetime, facing here same problem as @vsharmilee with the update. We cleaned caches at Google Chrome, but didn’t fix the problem, too pressed F5 (and we where logged off in WordPress for all this). We haven’t got either a WordPress catching plugin installed.

    @spacetime, I went thru FTP to check new version javascript after updating and says is the old one: javascript_version = "2.6.11"

    This might help ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do the files have version info?

    Can you try to load the page in incognito mode?

    Can you try to load the page in another browser?

    We returned back from v2.6.12 to old version v2.6.11 now, untill you check this ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks a lot!

    Then the update failed.
    Delete the plugin and install it again.

    The latest plugin has var javascript_version = "2.6.12";

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