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  • Hey, so I was just installing wordpress on a new site. And I noticed that when uploading it to the FTP, all dirs had 777 chmod and all files had 666. I was installing wordpress on another site, but when uploading, the default chmod for dirs was 705 and files 604. I guess it has something to do server settings made by hosting company?

    I tried to manually set all the firs and files to proper permisions, but then my site isnt showing up at all, no wp-admin, no login, nothing. And again when I try to change the chmod of any file, all checkboxes are full, and the numeric value input is set to —-. So i guess it has no effect what I put there.

    So should I use 777 and 666 permissions? I was trying to change it because I know that these permissions should never be set, only in special cases and temporarily. What should I do?

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  • So should I use 777 and 666 permissions?

    Probably best to avoid that. There aren’t any directories that need to be 777, and I can’t think of a legitimate reason why files should be 666.

    Some reference materials: Permission Scheme for WordPress

    Contact your hosts support group and ask them what the issue might be.

    I read all that stuff, but it seems like a hosting server configuration. Because every dir/files have this permissions. I just downloaded new wordpress from the site and it was already like that.

    When I was installing wordpress on a different hosting, dirs had automatically 705 and files 604 chmod. Are these values okay? I had to change some things around for it to work, because some of them were too strict, but better that than 777 and 666 on everything.

    The hosting is on my client so I cant contact them directly, but I asked him to do that already.

    Anyway, when I try to edit chmod on any file, even if I already changed the value before. I get a window like this:

    Which is weird because it should show my current chmod for this file, but its always like reseting itself.

    Files and folders should not be 666 and 777.

    The question regarding default permissions of 666 and 777, and why you are not able to change them, will need to be answered by the hosting company support group.

    Yeah, Im waiting for the reply. And about 705 and 604 on another hosting, are these values allright?

    They should probably be fine. I think GoDaddy uses that as their default on shared hosting.

    And which are the best to use?


    “Best” is a relative concept. Permissions vary from host to host, and within shared and dedicated environments.

    A) Re-read the general reference material I pointed you to – Permission Scheme for WordPress – and absorb whatever is relevant to your particular hosting environment.

    B) For more precise information pertaining to your specific situation, consult the FAQ for each individual hosting service that you use, and see what is recommend for that environment. If there is any doubt, then contact the support group for that service, and ask them direct, and pointed questions about it.

    An example of a clarifying question to a hosts support staff: “What should my file and folder permissions be for WordPress while operating a site in your shared server environment?”

    That should get you a pretty precise response.

    Thanks a lot Clayton. We will see what their answer is.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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