• This is weird. In the past, when I first installed WordPress, I was able to edit my theme files via the “Presentation” in the admin panel. And just yesterday, I noticed that it no longer allows me to do so. It says, “If this file were writable..” I have already heard about the support question about changing the files to 666. But how come it happened, when I didn’t even touch them in the first place? Too bad I wasn’t able to check if it was really 666 before. It’s 644 right now by the way.

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    Could just be a change on your server of some description. Simply change them to writeable for now and then change them back when you are finished editing.



    I’ll bet money you started the process as user “root” one time, whereas you used to start it as you, or as “wordpress”. When you run a system as root, and root modifies a file, it will often take ownership. So, I’m guessing when you first installed the theme, you were editing a file that was owned by you (in which case, permissions of 644 would be sufficient), whereas now you’re editing a file owned by root (in which case, 644 won’t do, you need 666, or 766, or something that allows the world to edit your files.)

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