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  • I am very new to blogging and php, so I apologize if this is a very basic question. I was trying to copy an updated CSS file into my wordpress directory, but access is denied. So I tried to change the permissions on the CSS file already on the server with chmod, but the permission is denied. What am I to do? I cannot change permissions of any file in the wordpress directory. Thank you in advance for any help, Sven

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    yeah, uhm…. who put the files there? It sounds like someone else installed it, and neglected to give you rights to it.

    Actually, I put the files there myself. I was upgrading from b2, but had problems, so I backed up the mySQL databases and deleted the ones from the server. Then I copied the WordPress files into the b2 directory and installed a new blog. At last, I reimported the databases overwriting some of the blank ones newly created, like b2posts, users, comments… Could this be the origin of my problems? Would it be best to start in a new directory again? Thank you.

    I would start with everything fresh. Sounds like you have a corrupted something.

    How are you putting the files there? If its a samba type share, then whomever its mounted as might not have the rights to put it there.
    Why don’t you do a ls -l listing (assuming its unix) of the files.

    Ok, since I am not very familiar with unix, I will simply try a fresh install. Thank you for the tips.

    That is such windows mentality 🙂

    hehe, yep. It probably wasn’t very hard to fix for anyone that might run into the same thing. Also if an ISP is serving it, you could just have them change the permissions for you.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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