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  • I did a search about “write permissions” and “chmod” looking for information about assigning write permissions to the backup folder for “WordPress 1.2 One Click Backup” plugin. I have asked this question at the plugin page but am asking here as well because it seems that 1.2 is now obsolete and people will be downloading the backup plugin for 1.5.

    I am quite new to php and was under the impression that one was supposed to avoid chmod666 and 777 like the plague. Would chmod 755 be enough of a “write” permission for the backup folder? And if not, should I be putting some sort of password permission on that folder and/or changing the chmod each time I want to use it?

    I am reluctant to upgrade to 1.5 just yet – I’ve only JUST installed 1.2.2 in January and am on major overload with new procedures as it is.


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  • At the risk of incurring wrath, I am bumping this up. I really don’t know very much at all about these permissions and still haven’t found an answer.

    I just read through Dougal’s post at

    Am I to understand from that the “write permissions” would be 707? Or would it be 606?

    I’m very surprised that macmanx is suggesting people use 666

    Isn’t that just asking for major security problems?

    (I hope it’s clear that my question is not an attempt to start a flame war.)

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Do you have phpmyadmin ?
    If so, then despite the usefulness of LL’s plugin I would strongly recommend that you use it.

    666 is much safer than 777. The reason?

    777 will allow executeable files (ie, scripts, CGI, perl, php, etc) to work, while 666 will not allow this – 666 only allows for read/write.

    Regardless of what permission set you use, it only become a security issue when the public has access to that folder – either via an upload script, ftp, or some way of manipulating another script (ie, mysql injection). However, since this isn’t about uploading or FTP, and because all of these operations are behind a password protected wall from WP, it’s really not an issue.

    In additions to Podz comment, if you have CPanel, there is usually a *very* nice “Backup” section which will backup your databases and files all in one go. I’d look into that option.

    Thanks for the replies, you guys. I do have phpmyadmin and that is what I have been using for backups. I just thought it would be nice to be able to backup from the blog URL. When you strongly recommend phpmyadmin over the plugin, podz, is it because there is less chance of failure?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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