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  • The search in the forums are not working for me. I did a search for this statement, “If this file was writable you could edit it” and it returned no results. However, I found the statement on this page:

    The issue I have is with CHMOD. I have read the above page but am not understanding what I permission needs to be set for the themes inside of the themes directory. All of my directories are 755. However, I’m unable to edit a file in the theme directory (sidebar.php). I can’t set the files to 664. If I set the theme directory and the files underneath it to 777 is this not secure? Please advise which permissions I need to set to the theme directory and its contents. Thanks!

    I followed these instructions:

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  • If you absolutely need to set file permissions to 777, you can do that while you edit your theme and than set them back to, say 664.

    Then again, It seems a bit strange, that you wouldn’t be able to set the permissions to 664 whlie you *can* make them 777.

    Unfortunately, WP needs 777 permission for it to edit files. I tried 766 before but it is not writable by WP.

    katesgasis:This is strange. In that case it differs between different hosts.

    Thank you both for the help!

    I encountered the same problem. It seems that it depends on your host. On 1 of my hosts, I couldn’t edit the files within WP. However, I’ve got the exact same installs on 2 different hosts and I can edit within WP.

    It may have something to do with the way your host configures its server re: file ownership.

    Just my two cents.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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