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  • Hi, everyone.
    I’ve download the latest version from this website just now, and the install process is OK.
    However, the system CAN NOT display Chinese words properly!
    Any Help!
    Best Regards!
    thanks a lot.

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  • Plus, I replace string “iso-8859-1” with “gb2312” in every .php file, however, system cannot display Chinese words properly still.
    Plus, My Apache httpd server works well with Chinese words.
    Thanks a lot!

    You could login, go to
    and change the character encoding to
    GB 2312-80
    Might work.
    May we know the url of the blog. I’ve got firefox, and I could see if by setting the right encoding value I can see it properly 🙂

    Can display Big5 ma ??

    This thread may be helpful.

    This forum can not support GB2312 either!!
    I just typed two Chinese words(“thanks”), as we can see, It displays odd characters.

    The upcoming 1.2 version will support setting your charset and using it for everything (index, feeds, admin side).
    As for PostgreSQL support, this may come in the future, but we need to refactor the code before we can support both Postgre and MySQL.

    WP does support binary files uploading!
    Login admin and check “options”=>”file uploads”.
    If you have any problem regarding Chinese support, you may try this site:
    It’s not a Simplified Chinese site, but a traditional Chinese site. It offers the unofficial chinese package and some other tools. I have a Chinese WP site, too. WP works well:)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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