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  • I was trying to set up a Chinese blog using WordPress. I installed WP 2.2 (English version) on my host and then uploaded the language file (.mo file) and also changed wp-config.php to let it use Chinese. While the backend admin interface has successfully changed to Chinese, every time I try to add a new post using Chinese, the resulted characters are garbage.

    Can somebody help me on this issue?



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  • Are the fonts installed in windows (or whatever OS you’re running)?

    or do they display on other web sites as plain text (non images)? (You need your windows XP cd to do this)

    If you’re sure you’re not just missing the fonts on your computer then you might have made a mistake setting the blog up for Chinese.

    I have Chinese fonts instaled on my Windows XP. It’s definately not an issue with Chinese fonts.

    Please note that Chinese characters showing up fine on the backend, so I guess there might be some problems in the storing Chinese chars in the database.

    Since nobody has replied further, I did some experiments myself. I uninstalled the Chinese version and re-installed an English version (2.2.2) using my web host’s Fantastico. After that, I didn’t bother adding Chinese, bust directly posted an article in Chinese characters. As I understand, since WP uses UTF8 encoding, These Chinese characters should show up correctly even if posted under an English interface. However, that was NOT the case: the Chinese characters showed up as garbage (like ?????) again.

    Below is some info with my web host:

    MySQL version 4.1.22-standard
    PHP version 5.0.4

    Can somebody help?


    I have this problem with Chinese characters too. Everytime when my database is moved to another server, the characters turned “???”.

    I have the same problem. I tried the fix suggested on this thread but it still display as “????”.

    My main difference compared to you guys is this is my first WP, my blog was previously on blogger. Is there something I should download in the first place to show chinese characters ?

    Any help appreciated ! I’ve done plenty of research but nothing works so far.

    I’m still researching on this issue… any help would really be appreciated !

    Strange thing is, the characters show up correctly in the admin. interface, but I soon as I publish, they turn into ????. I check with different browser, and it doesn’t change, so I assume it’s not a browser encoding issue.

    I used the Chinese Unicode fonts, and MySQL database is using UTF8 encoding.

    I did have a similar problem when I upgraded to WP 2.3, the problem was the sql db collation, it was using a swedish encoding instead of utf8. Maybe you can double check your db whether it is having the same problem as me.

    Thanks Darran, but I checked and I do use the UTF8.

    Not encoding – collation.
    In the newer version of WP the config file has two new lines:

    define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');
    define('DB_COLLATE', '');

    If it is an upgrade, delete those two lines!

    This is my problem – I’m new on WordPress, this is not an upgrade issue for me. I did try deleting the two lines etc. but it doesn’t solve the problem for me.

    Thanks moshu, I solved it 🙂

    mango, by all means, please, do tell! how did you solve this problem?

    i have Chinese characters in URLs imported from that i can view in admin but none of the Chinese itself shows up in any event. it’s all just “????”

    well, there is no problem with the Chinese characters in my WP blog.
    and xiaozhu and endtag are chinese people? me too!
    it is intereting if you put on the links of your blogs for me here

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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