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  • I’m running my first wordpress site on a host in singapore and get most traffic from China (I’m also in China). Heres my problem:

    My website takes an incredibly long time to load if i leave it… BUT…. I can load it INSTANTLY if I simply press the stop button immediately.

    I have played around with it a lot… removing google fonts using plugins, manually editing html files, etc etc and have managed to speed it up somewhat… however, the weird “stop button” solution remains.

    Can anyone tell me… do you think this is google / great firewall related… and, am I on the right track in thinking that it has something to do with googleapi/maps stuff? If so, is there any way to remove this code? and if I did, what would happen? (see below)

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script&gt;

    Thanks all!

    ps. my website:

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  • Not loading especially slow for me in Idaho.

    You might run a test at and see if there is a particular object that is loading slow.

    thanks for that – but they look expensive… no free scan?

    Also, I was really hoping for someone to address the china + google issue. Any ideas on the weird loading / stop button issue and googleapi scripts?




    I’ve been messing around with uninstalling plugins, removing codes, and installing anti google-fonts plugins for the past few months, but nothing seems to work. You got any update on your situation??

    When I load my page with firefox, it still says it’s waiting for googleapis..font, though I thought I removed that.


    Hope there’s more solutions on this..




    Hey there, yep I can see your problem. Your site is loaded with google verification and fonts. Those plugins that remove some of the code, are okaayyyy but don’t get rid of the key parts – the googleapi references. Your site has exactly the same problem mine used to have. Add me on wechat – JesseP and I’ll give you a hand 🙂




    Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for your post! It’d be great if you could tell me how to fix it.

    I can’t add you on WeChat, my ID is Narayan_de_With

    Can you add me?

    Thanks a lot bro!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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