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  • I’m highly considering purchasing your premium pack, it has all the features I need / want, barring one important feature (I think): Child to Parent Updating.

    I’ll have one person create a post, and broadcast it to sub sites. Users of those sub sites will notice the new post and update it accordingly with new information. It’s a collaboration of sorts. But it would necessitate a syncing of the post both ways.

    1. Is this possible now?
    2. I am a WordPress developer, so if I purchased the Premium Pack, do you think the above addition would be a huge undertaking?

    I also am curious, if one blog broadcasts a post to another blog, will things like “Author” be maintained if the user writing the post isn’t in the broadcasted blogs users?

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  • Plugin Author edward_plainview


    1. This is not possible now.

    2. It is possible, but only if you fake some BroadcastData and fool Broadcast into thinking that the child post is a parent post and that it has a child post on the main blog…

    I’ve never tried that approach before but it’s probably doable, although you’re the first to want that feature… 🙂

    And 3. Since the network’s user list is global, the author will be maintained.

    So, basically, I’d need to make the both posts parent posts with “children” that are each other. How hard could that be? 🙂

    Though, I’d like to officially request that feature, I can’t be the only one whose application would necessitate a syncing. Personally, I think WordPress should have a “shared” post database for just this reason like it does for users, but I suppose it might be rare for someone to want something like this.

    In fact, my application doesn’t require the post to appear on any front end, just the backend list (I’ve created a custom post type for collaboration). So, maybe I could broadcast the ID of the posts and build a plugin to reference another blog’s post and edit it from there. The duplication of posts seems to be the most direct way to solve the problem (and I’ll be using a modified version of yours to do so), but eventually I’ll want the code to be more efficient and having only one post that can be accessed and modified by different sub sites is the ideal. Since you’re likely an expert in post accessibility across sub sites – what do you think about the feasibility of the above idea?

    Plugin Author edward_plainview


    This sounds like it goes against how Broadcast is even built: parents can be their own children…

    It’s probably doable, somehow. How badly does this need to be done? Is there no other possible solution?

    It’s imperative to the functionality of the site(s) I’m building. It has to be done, whether I custom code it or not (my preference would be to purchase a plugin that allowed for such functionality, but it doesn’t seem to exist). From my understanding, it could be done in one or two ways:

    1) Your method, altered: Create a post and “broadcast” it to a single or multiple sub site(s). The sub site(s) user’s edit the post and the changes reflect back to the “original site” (as well as any other “broadcasted” sites). This has to be done via syncing of the multiple broadcasted posts. There is no other way that I can think of that would allow collaboration of a post all-the-while maintaining serration of the user’s to their individual sub sites.

    This method would mean re-coding your plugin to make all of the child posts write back to their parent posts (and subsequently the parent’s other child posts). It sounds difficult, but I don’t have much of a choice as there are no options out there allowing such a thing (your plugin comes the closest, allowing for one-way syncing, instead of both-ways).

    2) Assignment of posts to sites method: I can imagine a plugin that once installed on multiple sites could connect to and edit a single post. So, if one sub site creates a post it could assign the post to other sites to edit it and if the plugin is activated on those other sites, then it could “grab” the original post off the original site and allow users to edit it. I don’t know enough about the feasibility of this because I haven’t tried it fully yet, but based on my limited testing thus far it seems doable.

    Plugin Author edward_plainview


    E-mail me and we can discuss this further.

    Did this get done? I also need this feature to update the parent when a child is modified….

    We can’t preview the content on the child sites, so sometimes we have to make tweaks to account for that childs themes while we are on the child site and can preview changes, etc… and would like those changes to sync back to the parent when it happens.

    Basically I want them to always be in sync regardless of where the change occurs so nobody ever accidentally overwrites the correct version.

    It looks like this is handled with back to parent – … I just wanted to 2x check


    Plugin Author edward_plainview


    Back To Parent will update the parent’s content with the child data.

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