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    I’m trying out WordPress on my host’s site. I’ve successfully set up several pages, and everything is fine until I designate one page the child of another. From there on, the title of the child page appears above and slightly overlapping the title of every other page when I navigate to it. So if a page named “Albert” is the child of a page named “Alberta,” when I navigate to the pages named “Bert” the word “Albert” will be at the top of the page, above and slightly overlapping the word “Bert.” Furthermore, “Albert” will be hot – it will link to that page. This will be true of every page. I’ve searched and not found anyone else complaining of this problem, so I’m probably missing something simple – apologies if I’m just being dense.

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  • Hello,

    I am having this same problem, please see link. How did you correct your problem? Thanks for the help!

    interesting comments, I cannot get the child pages to show-up in the navigation at all.

    Forum support is a crappy alternative to real help. What it really says is, “Figure it out for yourself, Idiot!”

    I am in the second week of Word(im)Press(less) set-up and think it has legions to go…. I do not see how I can manipulate SEO either…

    Maybe if you are a lazy professional ws coder this WP format helps, but we all cannot be that.



    Well, you know, it is free. We can’t really expect full-time support 🙂

    To get SEO, in your dashboard, choose “Plugin” then “add new” and search for SEO. I use “All in one SEO Pack” and have found it easy to use. The difference is hard for me to quantify, but I definitely get more search engine hits.

    To get your child pages to show, try the plugin “Page Link Manager.” It’s clean, easy, and gives you control over what shows and what doesn’t.

    Good luck!

    CieraH – I am so sorry I didn’t check back. I’m not sure any more how I solved it. I think that was when I had installed wordpress with Fantastico. At the point, I uninstalled it and reinstalled manually and everything worked. The only other thing I did was give up on my theme. I hope you found a solution.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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