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    Hi: I’m not the most tech savvy, but have built a few sites. I installed the plugin and followed the instructions, including clicking “Create Child Theme,” and naming it. However, I have no idea where it is! My site still seems to be the same and I don’t see where the child theme exists at all.

    My site is:

    I was under the impression that once a child theme is created, it becomes the theme of your site so you don’t have to worry about updates undoing customizations you’ve made.

    I would vastly appreciate any help. Thanks!

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  • Plugin Author John P. Bloch


    Hi Lori,

    My plugin doesn’t switch the themes. If you check on your themes page (I’m guessing it would be, It should be listed underneath your current theme as an inactive theme. As of now, my plugin also doesn’t create a thumbnail, so you should be able to find the theme by the name you used when creating it.

    I decided it would be better to let the user switch the theme manually. Because of the power of the theme customizer, you’ll be able to make any changes you want to your theme, make sure it looks good, etc. all before ever changing the theme. If a particular theme isn’t well suited to being child-themed, auto-activating the child theme could break the design, if not the functionality behind the site.

    I hope this helped answer your question.


    Thanks for the reply John. Turns out, my theme, “Delicacy” has something wrong with the header code that prevents it from making a child theme at all. (UGH!)

    As for your plugin not automatically changing it, that was a good idea because I did find another plugin that “made a child theme” and changed it automatically, however, because of the problem with the Delicacy theme, my whole site was gone and I had to restore it from backup via my host server.

    If you ever post anything about how to fix a theme that doesn’t allow for a child theme, I’d love to know about it.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Much appreciated.

    Plugin Author John P. Bloch


    Hi Lori,

    I’ll take a look at the theme when I have a chance (I saw it’s in the repo, so it’s pretty easy). That’s too bad that it wasn’t able to be extended with a child theme with my plugin. It could be that there is a very simple fix that I could incorporate into the plugin. If so, I’d love to, since I want my plugin to as useful as possible to anybody who wants to use it.

    I think trying to get as wide support as possible for officially hosted repositories would be a good start. 😉


    Thanks John. I’m subscribed to this thread, so if you come up with a solution and post it here, I will be one of the first of your takers! Thanks so much!

    John – you are BRILLIANT. This plugin is awesome, thank you SO MUCH!!!

    Hi John
    Am using a theme Colorlabs framework and it has been suggested by it’s support people that I create a child theme because of the extensive customization I’m intending as well as the issue about losing customizations after updates. Tried to use your plugin it and it appeared to through the process successfully without generating any errors (unlike the competing plugin Lori probably used which also cause me grief. I think it is good that yours doesn’t switch automatically for that reason) . However I too could find no sign of this newly created child theme in my themes directory. BTW, I saw your note about it not making a thumbnail and so looked for a text item and as well as used search tools but still couldn’t fine it. Also looked on my server and nothing had been created in that folder

    Any ideas?


    Basic question here. What constitutes “customization” of a theme? I don’t have a child theme and don’t know exactly what it is. My site is live and running, and I’ve updated the theme before without any loss of any of the changes I’ve made so far…but I’m not sure what a customization is, so I don’t know if the “changes” I’m making are something that an update will remove or not.

    Saveongolf: It sounds like you’re a bit of a newbie, like I am. My understanding is that when you do ANY customizations to a theme (such as changing colors, layouts, fonts, or even adding a plugin), then when WordPress updates, you could lose your changes (and any info that went along with them.)

    Instead, you’re supposed to create a “child theme” and make the changes to that, so when WordPress updates you don’t lose your customizations.

    Hi Lori,
    I see you are quite the celebrity! Congrats on your books and awards! Awesome.
    You’re right that I’m not up on a lot of this stuff. I can get it if my hand is held. However it is my understanding that plugins and colors and such aren’t lost in an update. I think it’s more CSS styling changes. I know I’ve updated my “childless” theme 3 or 4 times and haven’t lost anything yet. I do not get how these child themes work. My site is 75% done. In case you’re interested it’s . If I did get this child theme plugin and it created a child theme then what do I do with it? I have no clue! But thanks for your help and I may have to pick up one of your books!

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