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    Hi, thanks for the good idea which I like a lot. The actual plugin though doesn’t seem to work as one would expect.

    I clicked Create Child, in themes I saw the child I created and activated it, but there were no theme options–the source theme has many theme options which are the main asset of the theme. “Theme Options” were listed in Appearance but when clicked did not reveal the page with the selectors as in the source theme. Since nothing was there I looked in my bluehost files and discovered that this plugin had made a style.css as one would expect but it was in the themes folder and not in the folder of the theme I created, which was completely empty. Additionally, as you know, even after I moved the style.css file to the proper folder, it did nothing because it was the only thing in the file. The plugin didn’t copy any of the source theme’s files.

    How is that supposed to work? Or was Child Themify merely meant to create the style.css sheet and nothing else? Is this a plugin that does not work or is it misnamed. I wonder what the developer had in mind. It was such a good idea. Happy breeding.

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    The plugin, at this time, does only create the style.css file. I have plans to implement optional creation of overrides for files in the template theme, but I haven’t done that yet. To better be able to figure out what’s going on, could you please tell me what theme you are trying to extend with a child theme? The solution could be something very straightforward that I can add to Child Themify to fix the issue.

    Also, I’m not sure what you mean when you say “it was in the themes folder and not in the folder of the theme I created, which was completely empty.” Did you create a directory and then run “Child Themify”? The plugin determines the name of the folder to put the style.css file in based on the name provided when you create the child theme.

    What you’ve described sounds to me like the plugin is functioning as intended at this point. The reason it doesn’t copy any PHP files is because every theme is different; some themes don’t check to see if their functions are already defined; so if I copied those files to the new theme, it would cause a fatal error and bring the site down for everybody. The minimum requirement for a child theme is the style.css file, so that is what my plugin adds. Everything else would be too much of an assumption for me to make.


    Thank you for your reply. Yes, you deduced everything correctly, except that I created the folder after creating child page.

    I solved my own problem by copying the .js file from parent theme to child. That made the theme options appeared in the dashboard just like in the parent theme.

    It would be useful to give that instruction in the installation notes. Everyone needs to know that coping files in the cpanel is required.

    Good luck with everything!

    Many blessings,

    Plugin Author John P. Bloch


    I’m happy to hear you were able to resolve the issue. If you wouldn’t mind, could you please let me know which theme you’re using? I’d still like to take all look and see if I can’t find a way to fix these issues before they happen.



    I’ve since replaced it with Catalyst.

    In the section in themes where it says By Anonymous, how can I change that. It never gave me the option to put a name.


    In the section in themes where it says By Anonymous, how can I change that. It never gave me the option to put a name.


    I suspect the functionality of the parent’s control panel has more to do with how well the parent theme is coded, than anything to do with Child Themify.

    After reading this blog post:

    I tried both plugins suggested, and they both do the same thing – create a folder with a new style.css pointing to the parent.

    Even with my new child theme activated, my parent’s theme control panel is available and working. I’m using the Lucid theme by Elegant Themes btw. Hope this observation is helpful…

    @jennymess99 – With the child them activated, open Appearances> Editor. The style.css file should open where you can add the line:

    Author: Jenny

    Be sure to Save (bottom of the screen) before closing

    jennymess99: Just do what SpiritedOne says, but remember that the line you have to add should go inside the information header of the stylesheet, donĀ“t add the line at the end of the file or anywhere after the closing of the header. You have to add that line before */ and then save the modified style.css file (“Update File” button).

    For example:

    Theme Name: New Child
    Version: 1.0
    Description: A child theme of Twenty Twelve
    Template: twentytwelve
    Author: Jenny

    Can someone spell out the solution really clearly step by step? I’m just not technical enough to fill in the gaps when things are glazed over.

    I did create created a child theme but none of the formatting stayed in the Child Theme. I see the CSS file but it just references the parent theme. There isn’t anything to work with that I can tell.

    I have access to my files through C-Panel. I tried copying a JS folder from 2013 to the Child but that did not work. Help would be greatly appreciated.

    By the way I have the twentythirteen theme.

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