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    Hello everybody.
    I am using a proper working multisite installation,..

    Already working with customers and my own projects.

    I am working on reconfiguring the network with child themes… so there are a few problems/questions:

    If I install a theme network wide ( child theme or not doesn´t matter),… every customer can use it,… that is the result in my network… but this is what i try to avoid,… as a superadmin I want to configure one specific theme to one costumers´ site… because he paid only for one theme.

    If I don`t give a network wide permission there is no chance to choose it inside of the costumer site, it´s just not there.

    Similar to this is my idea to the plugins,… network wide permission .— everybody can use it,.. what I don´t want.
    But here I can use it on costumers site then, if not network wide) ( as a super admin)…

    Do I understand it right that this logical models are totally different, I mean the plugin Network model and the theme model?

    Sorry, if there have been posts for this in the past, but they are all more relatet to the Idea of a child theme,.. not on my problem with “one customer one theme”,… Even if more customers use the same theme.

    Thx for any tip in advance

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  • Hi Jorg

    I’ve not been using my multisite network for very long, ie I’m no multisite expert! However, in order to activate either a theme or a plugin indivually for a site you need to leave it Not Network Activated, then head to Network Admin>Sites>All Sites>YourSIte>Edit and for themes click on the Themes tab and activate the theme you want there. For plugins go to Network Admin>Sites>All Sites>YourSIte>Edit>Settings and scroll all the way to bottom. You will find a list of your non network activated plugins there and you can again individually allow a plugin to be used on a site.

    Once you’ve checked the tick boxes for the theme or plugin for a particular site as above, then you’ll need to go to that site dashboard and activate the theme or plugin there.

    Hope that helps!


    Thx Ali-B,…

    this helped a lot,…. it works ….

    The only thing now to manage ,… is to set up themes in a bulk
    …But this is a different story…:_)

    Hey Jörg

    So glad I could be of use! One other thing though, I don’t think you need to activate your parent theme on the sites individually, as long as it’s in your network admin the child themes should work.

    As far as setting up the themes in bulk, I wonder if the template plugin from might help:

    Have fun!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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