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    This one has me stumped. I’m helping a friend learn about css and WP Theme creation. When we put a child theme in her themes directory in her MAMP installation it does not show up in the wp Dashboard. Only child themes that are installed from a Zip file show up. When we put the same child theme files into a WP installation theme folder on an external server it shows up with no problem. She even uninstalled and reinstalled MAMP and this is still happening. I have MAMP installed on a different mac and I don’t have this problem with child themes.

    I think she has WP 3.1.2 on her local machine and 3.1.1 on the external web server.

    Any clues as to what could be causing this? Suggestions? Thanks!

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  • Figured it out:
    When we created a child theme style.css with TextWrangler it worked in MAMP, but when we used Dreamweaver, or edited a working theme style sheet in Dreamweaver, the theme wouldn’t show up in the WP dashboard under Appearance|Themes. We changed the Dreamweaver Preferences | Code Format | Line break type: from CR (Macintosh) to LF (Unix) and that solved the problem.

    Don’t know why the MAMP hosting environment is sensitive to CR-only line breaks when our external Linux server is not, but that’s apparently what is going on.

    Hope this is useful information to somebody.

    Yes, this is useful! I was using Dreamweaver and couldn’t find the child theme in my WP themes. Thanks for taking the time to post the solution.

    Thanks very much for posting. That sorted me out too! Cheers

    I ran into this, too. I’ve filed a bug report at No warning at all is not a helpful behavior.

    Holy LOL this f*** me up for about 30 minutes!

    I use a LAMP server, but I use Notepad++ on Windows (with Windows CR format). I used this kind of setting in my WP works without problems until today when I created a new child theme for the first time.

    I was very concerned, but now this post solved my headache.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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