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  • I am using the newest version of WordPress and the newest version of WooCoomerce. I am also using the Rustik theme – kinda. I followed the instructions on on how to create and modify child themes. So I have a child-theme named Rustik-child.

    I know you don’t support other themes, but this is a place that will have access to people that may know the answer to my question about using child themes with woocommerce. So please do not close this message.

    I am wondering if when using child themes, should I copy everything over from the parent theme that is not a css file? Like I have noticed that whenever I use the Rustik theme, EVERYTHING works!!! haha But, when I change to the Rustik-child theme, my customers do not get ANY order status emails. They get a new-user registration email (if they are a new user), but thats it.

    So, I looked in the woocommerce directory under the Rustik theme directory and there is an emails folder with all the different email php files in it. When I look in the woocommerce directory under the Rustik-child theme directory, there is an emails folder with ONLY the new user registration php file located in it. So I copied the entire rustik/woocommerce/emails folder to the rustik-child/woocommerce/emails folder in hopes that this would let the Rustik-child theme handle ALL customer emails. But, it didn’t…

    Matter of fact, somehow all those email files that I copied over to the rustik-chil/woocommerce/emails folder were deleted somehow (not me). Guess which one wasn’t deleted? Yep, the new user registration php file. Which is the only email a new user gets when using the Rustik-Child theme.

    Can I move the entire woocommerce directory under the Rustik themes directory over to the rustik-child theme directory? Whats the best way to make woocommerce work with a child theme? Ideas?

    Thanks, very much!!!

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  • Hi – Not a reply as such but just to confirm that I’ve just gone through a lengthy workout and concluded that my own theme (built from scratch) also has the problem of no customer emails (except new user welcome and admins order placed), if I switch to a standard theme it all works???

    Please if anyone can give a pointer as to how a theme can influence the emails I’d really be grateful!


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