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    I’m trying to create a child theme the for Twenty Eleven. I have FileZilla and have connected with my host server. I found my theme on their server and created a child theme folder and placed into it a document that contains the child theme code that I found on here and youtube. I returned to my theme refreshed and no child theme. I think the problem is in my wordpad doc. It doesn’t want to save it as a style.css. It changes it to a style.txt. Tutorials say save as a plain text doc, but it always warns that all formatting will be lost. I tried using notepad with no better luck. Is plain text the same as a text doc?

    Here’s the code I am putting into the doc.

    Theme name: Twentyeleven Child
    Description: Child theme for the twenty eleven theme
    Author: Rob
    Template: twentyeleven

    @import url(“../twentyeleven/style.css”);


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    May you provide a link to your website with the issue?



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    Did you switch to the child theme — i.e. activate it?

    But yes, the file has to be named style.css.

    Thanks for helping. Here’s the link to my site



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    You have a “coming soon” page up :).

    Should be off now



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    the file has to be named style.css

    A child theme won’t work unless the file is named correctly. Are you creating the new stylesheet on your local machine (with a text editor) an uploading it via FTP to the child theme folder? That’s probably the best way if you are having difficulty with doing it on the server.

    It’s fixed:
    Lessons learned
    1. The child theme folder goes into the general theme folder – not the specific folder for theme you are working on. And remember to scroll down when looking for child themes. The pictures are not on them so they are easily over looked.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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