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  • Hi,

    I have developed a few great sites using original WP Twentyten theme and redesigned using a child theme. It works perfect and are very easy to update because i am using functions.php and and very small adjustments in the header.php. Is there actually any reason to use/ create a “full” theme if me is satisfied with the standard features in WP?

    This is how one of them looks.

    Happy for some thought from some pro┬┤s.



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  • Do you mean creating a full theme vs. a child theme?

    If you are happy with your child theme, there is no reason to go to a full theme.

    I prefer child themes for twentyten personally. That way I am always piggybacking off the most recent version of twentyten. If twentyten gets upgraded, I get any new features/bugfixes

    If you rename twentyten, and make it a full new theme, you would have to compare any new code, and add it to your theme. You don’t get the benefit of working with the patest codebase any longer.

    So my personal opinion, if you are doing tweaks that can work with a child theme, stick with the child theme. The only time to really switch to making a full theme is when your changes become drastic enough that a child theme is no longer practical

    Thanks for a great summary and answer.

    Yep thats what i mean – Ok I see so actually if yo only change the header and css it is very easy to create a full new theme and share – i mean feel like fai to contribute with at least something when using wordpress that works very well indeed and are packed with great functions for any normal “business-card website”
    And as you say child theme is to prefer – agree on that one – indeed it is perfect to get the updated core when it is time for an update instead of re – edit all again and not the least it is very handy for the user/ webmaster of the site. And if it is not to heavy changes made in the header (like me putting the navigation above the image in twentyten) it is easy to do that if it is ever needed. Although it would have been the best to be able to put changes like that somewhere else together with addthis (also in header) but that no big issues.

    Who knows maybe it is possible to add & replace divs and stuff to header via functions.php?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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