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    I have searched the forum and found a lot of issues similar to mine, but I haven’t found the solution yet :-/

    I can’t get my child theme to work.

    I have made the file style.css and put in a folder here /public_html/wp-content/themes/rabattheme

    The file contains this:
    Theme Name:rabattheme
    Version: 1.0
    Description: A child theme for Twenty Twelve
    Author: Grith Hodal
    Template: twentytwelve

    @import url(‘../twentytwelve/style.css’); a {
    color: #ff0000;

    body {
    background: #ff0000;

    You can see the site here:

    Does anyone knows where the problem is?

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  • You cannot see your red body background becuase of the background image you already have on the site. Also, you have configured your site to show you site title in yellow via Appearance -> Header which will take precedence over your theme’s site-title CSS.

    Thanks 🙂
    The backgroundimage was there for a few seconds. There is no background image now, but the background color doesn’t change to red… ?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    You’re probably not using specific-enough selectors…
    Try using;


    Have you also changed the body background color via Appearance -> Background? Again, this will take precedence over your theme’s CSS.

    Thanks for your replies…

    No, I didn’t change the background in Appearance. But now I have tried to remove the pre-defined the grey color. The background is now white and not red.

    I have also tried to use:
    body.custom-background {
    background: #ff0000;

    No red background :-/



    Forum Moderator

    Does it not work to use the custom background setting under
    Appearance > Background?

    Yes it works. But I was trying to have the child theme to work. It’s not the red background, but a funtional child theme I need 🙂

    But it works with color of the titles.

    Thanks for your help



    Font hero

    Try this

    html body,
    html > body.custom-background,
    body.custom-background-empty {
Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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