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  • I installed a child theme. The original theme where the text was there was a slightly transparent box around the text so you could see the text better. needed because there is grafics in the background. This is easel themee.

    When I installed the child theme the partial transparent box around the text was gone. What should i try to fix this?


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  • Michael


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    have you copied the full style.css into the child theme?

    if yes,
    this might lead to a wrong path to the background image, as the style is now pointing to a background image in a child theme folder.

    try and copy the background image (including the folder it is in) into the child theme.

    a link to your site might help to illustrate your problem and get you more replies.

    I did copy all of the style.css over using notepad. It was done using asci not sure if that matters. Basically the background image is fine it is just the partial transparent block that is over the text so you can see the text. Also font colors are different. I will load the child now and you can go look it. Sight is under construction.



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    your child theme is not loading the ‘/themes/easel/style-default.css’

    maybe include this in style.css of your child theme after the other include:

    @import url("../easel/style.css");
    @import url("../easel/style-default.css");

    Awwww try both. I’ll give that a try and see what happens. I will let you know thanks so much.

    Looks like it worked.

    One more question why your here:
    I want to change the color of a menu or something I guess I would still do that in the child theme right buy changing either something in the style or the style-default callouts?

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!

    ^ Alchymyth is awesome about knowing how Easel works; Easel becomes a ‘blank slate’ design when a child theme is used.

    As for the color of the menubar, I would look at the style.css at the menubar code thats already in there, because I have made comment notes on what does what there.

    Then add it to your style.css of your child theme.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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