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  • I’ve searched through the forums but this is one I haven’t seen yet.

    For starters:
    1.) I use codium-extend
    2.) I have a child-theme which has been working great for months. When I updated WP and it changed my parent, my child theme stylesheet.php worked awesome and didn’t change at all – so it’s working just as it should. The child-theme stylesheet.php design originally matched that of the parent.

    Here’s the issue:
    My child theme stylesheet.php isn’t pulling through any new changes, even simple things as a color change to the comment boxes. The changes are previewing perfectly in Firebug, and once the same changes are in my backend stylesheet.php under the editor, saved and then my page reloaded – the changes don’t show up. Here’s the kicker – I re-activated my parent theme JUST to see if the changes would hold in that one, and they don’t either. Before my child theme ever existed I could edit the code and have the changes hold perfectly fine. Now for some reason, no code changes hold in either theme.

    Here are two changes I tried which were very simple (changing the CSS color of the two items below). No other items were changed.
    1.) The background to links should be (about) the same color as the header.
    2.) My comment box responding should be the same color as the links.

    Any idea?

    Here’s my site. This is a good post to see everything, since there is a link in there (now only showing with a very light gray background) and comments. Again, all the changes show in Firebug, but the moment I try to actually put the changes in action they are phyiscally in the code – but do not show.

    Mama Matriarch + Little Muggins

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  • I should mention this:

    I made the changes in Firebug, copied the changes into the correct places in my stylesheet.css and saved it. When I look at my stylesheet.css the changes are there. HOWEVER, when I log out completely of my site and THEN go into edit css in firebug it does NOT show the changes, it shows all of the old stuff still.

    So for whatever reason, despite the code being changed in my actual back end (and verified changed through my ftp), it is somehow pulling my old stylesheet.css.

    I *thought* originally it was pulling the parent code, but the issue is that the parent stylesheet.css is entirely different now since the update, so they look wicked different, so there’s no way it’s actually pulling from the parent stylesheet (or else they would look identical).

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