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  • Perhaps I am misunderstanding something…

    I have made a child theme with the style.css like this:

    however, the theme would not appear on my wordpress dashboard appearance>themes.

    I have isolated the cause to the index.php file. in order for the theme to appear on the dashboard, index.php (blank) must be in the directory.

    I have verified this on two domains although both run on the same host.

    is this going to affect the functionality of my child theme?

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  • You do not need index.php. You do need this code in the top of style.ccs

    Theme Name:     Twenty Eleven Child
    Theme URI:      http: //
    Description:    Child theme for the Twenty Eleven theme
    Author:         Your name here
    Author URI:     http: //
    Template:       twentyeleven
    Version:        0.1.0
    @import url("../twentyeleven/style.css");

    Change the values and you should be good to go.

    Note: The Template name needs to be exactly the same as the folder name of the parent theme. It is case sensitive. Same thing goes for the import url.

    I just copied your code into my style.css.
    uploaded it again.
    the theme does not appear on my dashboard.

    put in a blank file named index.php and it shows up.


    I created a child theme from the delicate theme, all I needed for the child theme to show up was a new folder (delicatechild) and the style.css and it showed up for me in the admin.

    One thing that did confuse me though at first was because all the theme description information was the same, I thought it wasn’t showing but then I realized delicate was my current theme and the child theme was indeed being listed below.

    On thing you can do to separate the child themes visually in your admin is to edit the header comments of the child theme style.css file, which is what I did to the delicate theme. The original had the following:

    Theme Name:    Delicate
    Theme URI:
    Description:   Delicate is a free professional WordPress theme built on the NattyWP CMS framework.
    Version:       1.0
    Author:        NattyWP

    I changed the Theme Name to:

    Theme Name:    Delicate Child
    Theme URI:
    Description:   Delicate is a free professional WordPress theme built on the NattyWP CMS framework.
    Version:       1.0
    Author:        NattyWP

    So now on the admin side it shows Delicate Child as the title, so I know which one I am working with lol

    I tried this and stripped the code to only required elements

    Theme Name: Wood Railing
    Template: twentyten
    @import url(“../twentyten/style.css”);

    actual directory path

    it does not appear on my dashboard.
    add the completely blank index.php and refresh and there it is

    all help and comments are much appreciated!

    You can download a basic Twenty Ten child theme from

    thanks again esmi

    my current plan is to copy my current theme
    so I can install a new copy of 2010.
    hopefully, that will address some of my issues…

    jimmypader, i just ran into the same problem. this is a rather recent development because when i first installed my child theme, this problem did not occur. a few months later (i think after a twentyeleven theme update but i’m not sure) and all of a sudden i notice my child theme, though it’s working, is not recognized in the dashboard and there’s an error msg saying the theme folder does not exist. and the only visible themes under appearance are twentyten and twentyeleven. i’ve spent the past hour trying to figure out what was wrong with my child theme and adding an index.php file to the child theme folder is all it took. whatever change caused this sure flew under the radar. they need to get the word out that style.css AND index.php ARE BOTH required if you’re making a child of twentyeleven.

    It has been several updates since I have worked with this site. I am now experimenting with making a child theme for Lugada. When I have just a style sheet it is missing from the dashboard. When I add the index.php, either blank or a copy of the parent theme, when it is activated all i get is a white screen.

    I have made a number of child themes before and have never encountered anything like this. Suggestions please!?!

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