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    I’m using Twenty Ten 1.5. Tried making a child theme following book & codex directions. I intended to change nothing – was just doing it to avoid doing permanent damage to Twenty Ten when I start trying to modify things.

    I did live preview, but instead of that lovely menu bar across the front, now there’s just a list of menus.(it also lost my header image, but that should be easy to put back) So I panicked and cancelled.

    How can I have a child theme but keep the menu bar?

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  • Theme settings and options (like menus) don’t transfer to child themes – just like any other new theme, so you need to set up the menu again. But if you post a link to your site, someone can check if the child theme is set up correctly, just to be sure there isn’t some other problem.

    There seem to be lots of unfortunate differences beyond the menu bar, there’s no sidebar on the right, everything’s just dumped down at the bottom. (Font’s different, too.)

    Ha Ha – no that’s not how it should be. Give me a minute to see what’s going on.

    Hmm, something isn’t right with the file path as you can see in this error here:

    Did you use a plain text editor to create the new file? Also, it seems like using hyphens can cause problems so see if removing that changes it.

    Thank you! I’ll check these out: File path, plain text, hyphens.

    I thought I’d written it in textedit’s plain text, but it opened in textwrangler.

    Will let you know. Thanks!

    TextWrangler is fine (that’s what I use) – just not something like Word. Also make sure the file structure is right and the parent theme is there/intact.

    Thank you again. I have to leave — will be back soon to figure this out.

    48 warnings!!
    I’m going to remove the child theme and start over. Glad to have an obvious problem to address, though. Will also avoid hyphen.
    It’s a steeper learning curve than I thought!

    It’s better. Turns out that the plain text feature will still automatically give you smart quotes unless you know to disable that. So I changed them to plain quotes.

    More significantly, I had used Cyberduck to try to upload things to the right place, per book instructions, but that backfired and I should have just used the Theme uploader from Twenty Ten.

    I think it’s working as it should now, although obviously I have a lot more work to do on it.
    Thank you so much for your help!

    You’re welcome, glad you got it working right :).

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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