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  • I am challenged to trying to find an answer to this question:
    I am customizing my theme and have created a child theme. Some of the style rules that I want to change (color rules for short code toggles) are not on “style.css” in the parent theme. They are on “shortcodes.css” (which is not in the appearance editor – can find it through ftp). How do I go about bring these styles over to my child theme so I can override them w/o touching the parent file. Do I import this file into my child style.css file also after the line to import style.css from parent or do I create a new “shortcodes.css” file in my child theme folder and import parent shorcodes.css into that. I also have a “reset.css” that styles some of my hovers. Would I do the same with that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    You don’t need to inherit the styles into your Child Theme stylesheet to override them.
    You can just override them in the Child Theme by using the same specificity of selectors.

    Thank you, I will try this. What about when you have a screen.php file that has a majority of the CSS on it and a style.css that has a small amount of formatting rules. I usually have to add to screen.php when customizing. Two of my themes have this set-up.
    thank you

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