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    I was in the process of creating a template page for a child theme I’m building.

    The child theme and everything associated with it, is located in it’s own directory. I copied the page.php from twentytwelve to my child theme directory. I renamed it to no-title-page.php and edited the first /* */to appear to:

    Template: No title page template

    Those are the only edits I have done. I am using my child theme and went to the >edit page, and from the drop down where default and frontpage are located I was expecting to see my newly renamed template page, and it’s not there. It should be but it’s not.

    Other edits I have done to my theme are showing as they should. I’m calling main twentytwelve css @import url(‘../twentytwelve/style.css’); and am only making edits as needed and storing the edits in the child theme directory. CSS works

    I’ve taken twentytwelve’s header.php and made an edit and put it in the child theme directory and it works.

    My renamed page.php isn’t working because I can’t select it to apply to a page:( It’s not there….

    I don’t know what to do?

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  • It can by overriding with the parent file page.php Please rename the file.


    Yea I had already thought of that. It didn’t work. I even installed wordpress into a new directory on my site and grabbed the twentytwelve page.php and renamed it, made the same edits and put in my child theme directory. That didn’t work either.


    Is your child theme working properly ?. And you want to use new template am I right?

    My child theme is working properly. I want to use a new page template. Not post or catagory or anything else.


    p.s I don’t want to create one from scratck. Just make some simple edits to page.php, rename and store in my child theme directory

    I got your why you are getting error.
    Please change the syntax for template name

    * Template Name: test template

    Please reply if you done.

    are you resolved the problem.

    That Worked! I don’t understand why mine didn’t. I thought this /* */ was how it is supposed to be done.,. go figure


    No, this was not the region. you only wrote
    Template: No title page template

    but it should be

    Template Name : No title page template

    I see. Geeze I can’t believe this mistake!

    Thanks again. I’m sure I won’t forget this lesson:)

    It’s ok buddy,

    It’s happen some times.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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