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  • How do I get my child theme onto my local host. I was able to create my child theme on the livew site but not the localhost
    Please help

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  • It Shows up everywhere but on my localhost. It’s in my computer. It’s in Wamp. I just cant get it to show up on the localhost
    I hit appearance
    then themes
    and it only shows 2
    twentyeleven and tentyten
    No Child??
    Please help

    As long as it’s located in /wp-content/themes/ a child theme should appear no matter where you use it.

    Yes that’s where it is.
    The address on my localhost where I view the themes however is
    I’m thinking that may be the problem?
    I even deleted Twentyten and that still shows up?
    Am I configured wrong?

    On Filezilla i took the twentyeleven child theme from my live site and downladed it
    I’m confused

    do you mean that ..\wp-content\themes\yourthemefolder has your theme files?

    All of your themes on your localhost site must be copied to the “themes” folder located at C:\wamp\wordpress\wp-content\themes\ – or else they won’t show up in your dashboard.

    On My filezilla on the LEFT side if the screen I’m in
    And the child theme is there

    If I go OS(C:), Wamp, wordpress, wp-content, themes,
    It is there as well

    If I go to my local site and pull up, it loads my site, then appearance, then Themes (which the address reads –

    It’s not there just 2011 and 2010?

    If I go OS(C:), Wamp, wordpress, wp-content, themes, (On my computer)
    It is there as well

    Is this the address where I should be viewing my site on my localhost?
    Maybe that’s the problem?

    If I go to my local site and pull up

    The address for the localhost site will be “localhost”. If you’re using url references anywhere on your local machine, you’re going to have problems.

    If you imported the database from your live site, you need to do a search and replace on the localhost wordpress database and replace all instances of “” with “localhost”, otherwise your local install will try to reach out to your live site for resources, and probably fail.

    to log into Filezilla
    Host –
    Username – (what I use on my site)
    Password – (my password from my site)

    Maybe that’s the problem?
    Under host I tried local and localhost but it would only connect if I used

    Is that it?

    There is no need to try and connect to your localhost site using an ftp client on windows.

    Using your ftp client, download your themes from your live site to a location of your choice on your local pc, and then just copy and paste them into C:\wamp\wordpress\wp-content\themes\

    If you already have a fully functioning WordPress site on your pc using WampServer, and that fails, then I’m afraid I’m out of ideas.

    At least you gave me a path to explore
    Thank You

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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