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    so the problem is setting up a child theme.

    I have gone into my FTP (filezilla) in themes i created a new folder called “mytheme-child” and my parent theme is called “mytheme”

    i then created a style.css file with the following information

    Theme Name: mytheme-child
    Template: mytheme

    @import url(“../mytheme/style.css”);

    and saved it i then activated my child theme and it displays a very basic version of my theme so its all white and there are no borders defining the different ares such as columns there are no images at all either

    there is only one .css file in the parent them folder it is not in any sub folders

    i have checked in the header.php and it is showing

    <style type=”text/css” media=”screen”>

    @import url( <?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_url’); ?> );


    so from what i can see it is correct as its stylesheet rather than template in this section (‘stylesheet_url’); ?> );

    so i have looked through many posts and everyone elses problems seem to be the things i have mentioned and checked are ok.

    also i have activated it cleared cache changed themes and tried again etc also maid sure in child style.css there are no spaces tried moving and changing it around as i saw in one post but still no joy

    so would really appreciate some help as i want to get stuck in modifiying my theme.

    thanks in advance hope you can help.

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  • a new folder called “mytheme-child”
    my parent theme is called “mytheme”

    Do you intentionally mean to not be using a regular WordPress theme as a parent?

    If not, your “mytheme-child” folder should be inside your regular folder named “themes” (inside “wp-content”), and your parent theme should be one from here:

    no “mytheme” is an example as i am having the problem with two different themes so put that to make it generic the actual theme is “soccerine”



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    It looks like what you have done is correct – but be sure that you’ve cleared all caches (browser and site and server). Have you tried making/activating a child for a default theme (i.e. twentyeleven)?

    It is possible that theme won’t work with a child theme – that does happen.

    yeah tried it on twentyeleven and it works fine.

    so what else could i do could i copy the whole theme contents from parent theme into child theme and edit that way while it still remains a child theme or would that not work?




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    Just copying the CSS code won’t set up a valid child theme – as it still won’t be properly related to the parent theme. So that pretty much negates the purpose of a child theme – i.e. you can get update changes but not lose yours. Unfortunately, we only support themes from this site, so I’d suggest you go back to the vendor/developer for help with your theme. Or find another theme – I’m not sure where you got that theme or whether it’s decent quality, but you might want to give this a read:

    wow didnt even realise it was that bad!

    the problem i have is the them i have chosen is most like the layout i want for my site.
    i am at the very start so dont have any content on yet so i am at a point where changing themes would not be a problem but i have searched through many many themes to find one that was pretty much how i want it minus a few changes.

    thanks for your help

    the thing is i want a theme where the categories and pages go either side (above and below) the header image with drop down menus and a lot of themes are not made that way and im not experienced enough to change a theme without that layout



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    Well, that’s surely your choice and I understand it can be frustrating to find a theme you like. However, I really would not advise using a theme from an unknown, unverified source. Especially if it already seems to have problems. And being new, I’d guess you’ll want to have some support and help — which won’t be possible here if you use a theme from elsewhere.

    I’m not really clear on the layout you want, but a lot of themes from this site are highly customizable and within reason, you can get help here for changes.

    ok i think i will take another look as i do want everything to work smoothly and dont mind putting in a bit more time to learn how to customize a theme more as its a good thing to learn.

    so thanks for your help and informing about certain themes.

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