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  • Adding a child theme in the traditional way doesn’t seem to work for this theme… I’ve created a dir named vantage-child, added the index.php from the vantage dir and uploaded, created a styles.css in the child theme dir and uploaded it as well… activated the child them… it doesn’t work. I’ve done this a million times using twentyeleven with no problem… I like to edit my header and footer php files and upload them in the child dir using dreamweaver but I can’t even get the site to show up just adding the styles.css… I presume it’s an issue with the vantage premium theme since when I do activate the child them the main menu items in the admin area disappear… any insight on this would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Thanks in advance…

    The site url I’m working on is

    I’m currently switching back and forth from the main theme and the child theme trying to work this out… so if you see a working site it may be that I don’t have the child theme activated…

    Thanks again…

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  • Sounds like you know what you’re doing, but did you put in all the child theme info including the import?

    Theme Name: vantage-child
    Description: Vantage Child Theme
    Author: Your name
    Template: vantage (this has to be there or WordPress won’t be able to find the parent theme)
    Version: 0.0.1
    @import url(“../vantage/style.css”);

    Don’t know if that will work for you or note. I use Dreamweaver also for child themes — works pretty well. Haven’t tried it with this theme though.

    Bizzy… yeah, I have all that in at the top of the style.css. I’m 99.9% certain it has something to do with the theme itself..

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer

    it doesn’t work

    What do you mean by this, how exactly does it not work? Are there any errors thrown?

    Have you tried the default Vantage theme with a Child Theme?

    I figured you probably already did as it sounded like you’re pretty advanced in all this stuff. It’s probably the theme, I’ve found it have bugs as well as the pageBuilder. I do think these guys (I think there’s probably 2 of them — an Andrew and a Greg) are on to something big with their PageBuilder. If they can just some of the bugs worked out and also be able to provide better customer support, they’ll be very successful. I was so frustrated with both Vantage and pageBuilder yesterday I was going to scrap the entire thing, but I’d already paid for the premium version so decided to keep plugging away at it. Slowly finding workarounds for what doesn’t work and I’m making notes for myself on the workarounds.
    If you figure this one out (your problem above), can you please post the solution. I also like to use Dreamweaver for ChildThemes and always appreciate learning how to solve the problem before I encounter it.
    Have a great day! Deni

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer

    If they can just some of the bugs worked out and also be able to provide better customer support, they’ll be very successful.

    Please note that forums are here to support the free versions of this theme. You need to contact the theme author if you’re expecting a level of support not found here, or have queries regarding the commercial version of this theme.

    Oh, I have tried through their website a few times. Finally got a response from Greg via email and then also got a reply from an Andrew from SiteOrigin (it took quite awhile to get any response). I thought I was purchasing from a larger company with more support, but I think it’s just these 2 guys. But, with what they’ve done so far with Vantage and with pageBuilder, I do think they’re going to have one of the best options available for designers who don’t like to do a lot of coding.
    When I get answers to bugs I find, I’ll post them in this forum so others can also benefit. Forums are usually a great way to find answers to common issues we all encounter. Have a great day.

    I ran into the same problem initially posted. I wonder if it is something with the naming of the premium version. Was netdesigns successful with the default Vantage theme? I guess I can try that.

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