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  • Hi everyone-
    I think I grasp childthemes, and have used them to make changes. My issue now is that I restored everything back to normal, and still have my child theme directing to my parent theme but I removed all custom styling that I had added. But, just having that child theme activated makes my site’s functionality go whacky. Nested pages don’t show up, etc. Is it possible that my free theme (ArtWorksResponsive)has a way to block a child theme?
    My child theme style.css looks like this:

    Theme Name: Jordan
    Description: This is a child theme to Jordan’s Artworks site.
    Template: artworksresponsive
    @import url(../artworksresponsive/style.css);

    It is essentially blank, but it messes up the site. Any ideas?

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  • Possibly – a link to the site might be useful.

    Yes, of course.
    The site is

    You can see that it loads images and such, but the functionality is broken for some reason.

    The “Portfolio” tab has links nested in it, and the images on the home page should have captions over them that link to the Portfolio pages.

    Did you redo the theme options and settings in the child theme? Those don’t necessarily transfer over.

    (Not sure that’s the problem, but might be…)

    Or you could ask the theme developers – since that’s not a theme available on this site, we can’t easily test it.

    Thanks for your ideas. I did not redo any theme options or settings, only the style.css that I shared above (and that has no changes in it). So strange, I’m perplexed.

    Thanks for helping!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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