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  • Hello,
    Can one possibly create a child theme from two parents? like the style from one theme and the header from another theme…

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  • No, but you can always make a customized header in whichever theme you use – and recreate the styles from the other.

    How can i put the Leaf header into a p2 child theme

    How familiar are you with HTML/CSS and WP coding? You’ll need to know at least some to be able to do that.

    HTML/CSS to an extent and have read a couple of articles on wordpress but not enough to increase my header image using p2 theme.

    How much of the Leaf header do you want? Just the look of the header (not menu?) or ??

    the changing pictures

    and title perhaps

    Ah, so you want that kind of a slideshow on your P2 site? That’s actually not part of the header – and it would probably be much easier to just use a slideshow plugin with P2.

    Or am I missing something?

    As to the title – that’s probably just CSS styling so you can easily do that in P2 using Custom CSS (if not a theme option, make a Child Theme or use a plugin to add that).

    thanks for the plugin suggestion, I’ll look it up later but the challenge earlier was that i couldn’t move the title above the image and when i increased the height of the header, the image doubled,then i increased the header img height so I’ll have one big image but nothing happened, I’m sure its my code that’s faulty… if you can help
    I’m using a child theme already

    Sure – can you post a link to your site so I can see what’s going on?

    thats the problem I’m working on a local server so i can’t link…its a sch. project

    Mmmmm, that’s tough – as CSS is so site specific. I can install P2 on a test site and maybe see what’s going on if you can post the CSS changes you’ve made.

    Have you made changes to other files (header.php)?

    No, i’ve not made any more changes than
    #header {
    height: 240px !important;
    to the style.css. i deleted the other changes since they don’t have effect

    i appreciate

    No problem – so what are you trying to do? Make the text bigger ? or the white space, both or ?? Sorry to have to ask so many questions, just no other way to do this :).

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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