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  • I am using the following code in child theme’s css:

    Theme Name:     Twenty Twelve Child
    Template:       twentytwelve
    @import url("../twentytwelve/style.css");
    /*the rest of css goes here */

    I am using a different child theme with the same code on the same server, and everything is working fine.

    Is there any way to figure out what’s going on. I checked permissions (compared it to a different server, on which the files work), and run it throuh Firebug, and Chrome Webmaster tools.

    Styles in child theme’s css work, it just does not import the twentytwelve stylesheet.

    Thank you.

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer

    You can download a pre-made Twenty Twelve child theme from here. It’s been tested about 600 times, so I’m pretty sure it works. 🙂

    If you still have problems with that child theme, then I think we have to start considering some sort of server-based problem.

    This is kind of strange, because the child theme that I am talking about works on my server, and it doesnt work on the server “B”. There is also a different child theme (to Twenty Eleven) on the server “B” that works, so I am not sure what is going on.

    In general, the child theme stylesheet works, but it does not import all the parent theme styles. I am sure there is a way to figure out what’s going on (browser webmaster tools etc; I tried it though, and I did not see anything there).

    Did you try the downloadable child theme that I linked to above?

    I tested the downloadable child theme, and it does not import the parent theme’s css either.

    I was thinking about WP Minify plugin getting in the way. I cleared this plugin’s cache, but it doesnt make a difference. Again, I have a different child theme that works fine (I actually have more than one that work)

    hi this is very interesting as i have been having similar issues for days and been so perplexed and delayed!!
    I basically started from scratch and I can activate my child theme fine and it seems to be linking to the parent theme however the very strange thing is when I look at the dashboard>themes page underneath my child theme it has a line of text saying
    This child theme requires its parent theme, Twenty Twelve.
    can’t figure out why this is!

    see more details on problems I’ve been having with various themes on my post

    I tested the downloadable child theme, and it does not import the parent theme’s css either.

    So the problem lies elsewhere. Are there any plugins installed or active on this site?

    @polly001: Your problem is different. Please stick to your own topic.

    I dont know what to think about all that now 🙂

    1) My child theme works on server A
    2) My child theme doesnt work on server B
    3) Different child theme works on server B
    4) Your child theme on Go Daddy (which is a reputable hosting company) doesnt work with Twenty Twelve

    I’ve made quite a lot of child themes in the past, and I’ve never had any problems like that. Maybe it is something with Twenty Twelve then (twenty twelve + some hosting differences maybe)?

    I have several plugins:

    jQuery lazy load plugin
    Wordpress SEO (Yoast)
    WP Minify

    and some other ones. All these plugins are installed on the other blog with a child theme that works (it is a multisite installation).
    I can’t really deactivate all the plugins, and start adding them one by one, since the websites are live, and they are getting visitors etc.

    There is no magic bullet in these situations. You need to carry out some basic troubleshooting.

    I have exactly the same problem! Frustrating!

    @niklaseee – are you asking for help with your site? If so, please start a new thread and post a link to your site in it.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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