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Child theme customize.

  • Hello,
    I’ve made some changes on a .js file, changes on the language file and on the functions.php, which are all in the clean retina>library folder. How could I integrate them in my child theme?

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  • Hello,
    thanks noaneo, i did understand what to do with functions.php!
    not so difficult in fact..

    i’m still looking to put my customized .js files and language files in my child theme though..
    any idea?

    language files must be either the root or child theme library / languages ​​the child theme

    I do not think we could modify js, should save it on the child theme under another name and put the code to call in header.php

    thanks for your help…
    i’ll figure something out for the js file…
    that said, this theme is not so easy to customize when, like me, you don’t have too much knowledge about php…

    in a previous post, I said it wasn’t so difficult to modify child’s theme functions.php, but i’ve changed my mind…

    sometimes it works, sometimes the site becomes blank after editing the php…

    lately, i’m trying to add a custom div in the header. i’m therefore copying the code from header-extensions.php to child’s theme functions.php, first trying remove_action then adding my own custom header functions, tried a thousand things… still ending with a blank page…

    i gave up and ended up modifying the code in the parent theme (which worked)

    really wish i did understand what i’m doing wrong…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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