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  • I am using Market Theme and am trying to create a child theme for it so I can update more easily. The parent theme has three css files. When I create a css file in the child theme and import the parent css files into it, I am not able to modify them. I have added modifications to 2 of the 3 files and they have no affect. Is there a catch to modifying multiple css files in a child theme?

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  • Unfortunately, it will be virtually impossible to give specific help, since Market Theme is a commercial Theme. Your best bet is to consult the developer’s support offerings.

    That said: have you tried simply calling @import() for all three stylesheets, at the very beginning of your Child Theme’s stylesheet?

    I am asking at their forum too. I tried calling @import() at the beginning of the stylesheet and was not able to make changes. There seems to be something about multiple css files.

    As long as all of your @import calls come before any other CSS definitions, they will work with no problem.

    How are you attempting to make your changes?

    The @import command is before the other css definitions. I checked in the editor tab in the dashboard and one of the three css files is not there. In the parent theme, this css file is chosen by selecting a color scheme in the theme settings tab (in the dashboard). It resides in a different folder than the other 2. I think somehow it is not getting registered in the child theme. Is there a way to get the child theme to see a css file that is selected in the dashboard theme settings section?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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