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    Could you please help?
    Ive gone through Woocommerce and WP forums but havent found a solution. And have contacted the Astra theme developers but no luck so far.

    I`m trying to (preferably) edit or (if needed) just remove the Checkout page login text,

    “If you have shopped with us before, please enter your details below. If you are a new customer, please proceed to the Billing & Shipping section.”

    It`s in
    plugins / woocommerce / templates / checkout / form-login.php

    I`ve moved form-login.php to the child theme
    Astra-Child-Theme / woocommerce / templates / checkout / form-login.php

    I`m using a staging site but have tried everything on both the production and staging sites. And tried deploying the staging site.

    Also tried,
    . placing the form-login.php file in each of the folders of the Child Theme Directory
    . clearing cache
    . rebooting
    . using another theme
    . switching to Astra Pro main theme
    . confirmed Child Theme is active
    . used different browsers
    . checked folder and file name spelling
    . checked to make sure I only edited the text and not code

    WC 4.3.2
    WP 5.4.2

    I`d prefer not to use POedit.

    There are no cache plugins, or other ones I can think of that could be blocking the changes.

    I think Im just missing something simple but its driving me crazy and I can`t find the cause.

    Would anyone see what I have done (or have not done) so I can move forward?
    Thank you.

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    Hey @newguy321123,

    Template overrides can be finicky sometimes. I’ve fought battles with them a few times myself.

    I just tested this out on my development site and it did work. Here’s a screenshot of the code and the checkout page.


    Here’s a shortcut I sometimes use to get the woocommerce folder created. In your WordPress dashboard, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails and click on the “Manage” button for one of the emails in the list, like the New Order email. There’s an option there to copy the template to the theme.

    When you click on that, WooCommerce will create the override folder for you. Then you can open it up in your code editor and add a new sub-folder for checkout and then the form-login.php file.

    Give that a try and see if it will let you change the text after that.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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    Three Sons,
    Thank you.
    I like the workout around and tried it. But no luck. : /

    Strange thing is, I got tired for fiddling with the child theme and went to the main form-login.php file and tried to edit the text directly there. But even that didn`t work. Permissions are the same 0644 as the other files.

    For some unknown reason the edits are not being reflected, even the main theme files.

    I gave up the site staging too, just in case.

    Chatted with Bluehost and they tried but in the end said it was a theme or woocommerce question.

    Posted on WP and here I am.
    No reply from Woocommerce.

    I guess it`s the old
    . Deactivate all plugins
    . Reactive one-by-one
    approach. : (

    Plugin Support 3 Sons Development – a11n


    Hey @newguy321123,

    I can see you’ve gone through quite a bit to get this working. My suspicion is there is something else overriding the text here. You can try troubleshooting the plugins, but it’s also possible the parent theme is making the change.

    You could make a temporary child theme for the Twenty Twenty theme and then test the override with it. If that works, it would point to something in the parent theme that is preventing this from working.

    If all else fails, you can still go with a translation of the text as a last resort.

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    ha ha…always wanted to say that.

    Found a way (workaround ?).

    Using Loco Translate plugin,
    1. Install / Activate
    2. Go to WP Dashboard / Loco Translate / Plugins
    3. Select the Plugin you want to translate (in my case the text is in Woocommerce so I selected Woocommerce)
    4. At top of the screen, select +New Language
    5. Choose the language (just select the same language (English in my case) if you are just going to edit the original text. For example, change Click here to login to Login Here)
    6. Choose a Location: Select Custom
    (reason: author says: Custom (recommended)
    This is Loco’s protected folder under “wp-content/languages/loco/” which is safe from automatic updates and provides priority over the above locations.)

    7. Click Start Translating
    8. Search for text in search field
    9. Enter the new text in the text box below the original text.
    10. Save
    11. Clear cache

    To add/edit more…just open the New Language file you created earlier. In my case it`s woocommerce-en_US Also there is a link Edit Template…just click that.

    Rejoin…we are one step closer to world peace 🙂

    Thank you for the help @ThreeSons

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    Actually seems to be a problem translating a string.

    Ive opened a support thread with Loco Translate but havent found a solution yet.

    The problem text is,

    If you have shopped with us before, please enter your details below. If you are a new customer, please proceed to the Billing & Shipping section.

    There has to be a way to edit this.

    Would anyone have ideas?

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